FREE Wonder Park STEM Educator’s Guide, Poster & Activities

I’m SO excited to see the new Wonder Park movie by Paramount Pictures this spring! They just sent us a FREE Wonder Park STEM Educator’s Guide with 3 classroom activities, a movie poster, and a one page teacher’s guide. You can find the movie trailers and printable downloads below.

Wonder Park movie poster
Credit: Paramount Pictures

If you haven’t seen the trailer for this fantastic new family-friendly movie then I’ve got two trailers for you before! My kids have been begging to see this movie that comes out in mid-March. Wonder Park tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive. It’s FULL of creativity, exploration, trial and error and imagination!

Watch the Wonder Park Trailer #1:

Watch the Wonder Park Trailer #2:

In the past our movie themed educator guides have been extremely popular for both parents and teachers! I’m super excited that Paramount Pictures has put together a free educator’s guide for this movie. After watching the trailer at the movie theater last week my son now has a desire to build himself an epic clubhouse in the backyard.

So guess what?! I told him if he collected the wood and materials he would need, he can build himself a clubhouse! We’ll help guide him as needed for safety and stability but otherwise we’ll be hands off as he plans and creates his own clubhouse! I can’t wait to see what other ideas he comes up with after we watch Wonder Park!

Wonder Park Movie Poster
Credit: Paramount Pictures

What’s Inside the Wonder Park Teacher’s Guide?:

Inside you’ll find:

1 Teacher Guide
Activity 1: Dream Big
Activity 2: Let Your Dreams Soar
Activity 3: Build Your Own Dream
Additional Resources Worksheets + Discussion Prompts
Movie Poster

PRINT the FREE Educator’s Guide for Wonder Park here: WONDER PARK – Teaching Guide

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