FREE Pumpkin Themed Worksheet Math and Story Printables

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Halloween is one my most favorite holidays and there are SO many fun pumpkin crafts and ideas you can do in the next month!! I’ve created a few pumpkin-themed printables for you to download for FREE and use!!

Feel free to download and copy as many as you need! I’ll be adding more throughout the month so make sure to check back and share with your friends! Make sure to click on the link underneath each image to get the PDF file.

The images are just so you know what they look like without having to open each link!

Pumpkin Shapes Worksheet

This pumpkin shapes worksheet is best suited for younger children learning to draw shapes! It’s a fun way to work on fine motor skills. They can color in their shapes after they draw them if they want! Use puffy paint or glue with glitter if you want too!

PRINT HERE: Pumpkin Shapes Worksheet

Pumpkin Math Worksheet

This pumpkin themed simple math sheet is best for those learning to count! You can even compare sizes of pumpkins! Or if you really want to make it tricky, have your child cut out the pumpkins then sort them by size!

PRINT HERE: Pumpkin Math Worksheet

Pumpkin Story Writing Prompt Worksheet

This fun silly Halloween themed story prompt is great for young writers! There are a lot of imaginative stories to come up with based on the pictures and if your child needs more room they can just use an extra sheet of paper!

PRINT HERE: Pumpkin Story Writing Prompt  Worksheet

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