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Check out the three free bird posters below as well as other backyard bird resources!

Calling all nature enthusiasts and bird lovers! Get ready to elevate your backyard experience with these stunning FREE posters featuring Backyard Birds, Hummingbirds, and Hawks.

These eye-catching posters not only add a touch of natural beauty to your surroundings but also serve as educational tools for bird identification and appreciation. Dive into the world of feathered wonders without spending a dime!

Bird watching via my bird feeders is a big hobby of mine! I have a tripod with my camera close at hand set up to shoot pictures and videos through my windows! In fact every year for Mother’s Day my family buys me something for my birds!

In fact my Etsy shop Curiosity Explored is dedicated to nature lovers!

Free Common Feeder Birds Poster:

 birds poster

FREE Common Feeder Birds Poster HERE! Featuring vibrant illustrations and detailed information about common backyard birds, this poster is a perfect addition to your home, helping you and your family identify and appreciate the diverse avian visitors in your own backyard.

They also have a FREE Hawks poster now too! Celebrate the majesty and strength of hawks with this captivating poster. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or simply appreciate the power and beauty of these raptors, this poster is a striking addition to any space.

This would be great for nature lovers & science classrooms! These are available to download and FREE! I highly recommend laminating them! My kids LOVE watching for different types of birds at my bird feeders! 

Male Scarlet Tanager:

I spotted this beautiful colorful male scarlet tanager at my feeders off my deck in Illinois! I couldn’t believe it! I had never seen one before and this guy kept visiting for weeks! Enjoy the video – you can keep it on mute to just watch the bird or listen all about the scarlet tanager!

Free Hummingbirds Poster:

 birds poster

At the same site as above you can also download for FREE a hummingbirds of North America poster!

These beautifully designed posters showcase the mesmerizing colors and intricate details of these tiny, energetic creatures. Hang them in your living space or by the garden to create a visual spectacle that captures the grace and charm of hummingbirds in flight.

Awesome Bird Watching Shirts:

Bird Nerd
Talk Birdy to Me
Easily Distracted by Birds
Obsessive Birding Disorder
It’s Always Bird o’Clock

FREE Life Cycle Printable Books – Frogs, Chickens, Apples, Bats

Share the joy of birdwatching and the beauty of these posters with your friends, family, and fellow nature enthusiasts. Encourage them to download their free posters and join you in celebrating the wonderful world of backyard birds, hummingbirds, and hawks.

AWESOME Nature Activities for Kids:

birds and butterflies nature sensory binfelt bird toy tutorial

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  1. Carol Eron says:

    I think this would be very interesting and would stimulate students to be more in tune with bird species.

    1. Robert Lawson says:

      I make birdhouses for friends and they are totally unaware of size requirements for each bird. I always ask them which bird they want to nest in the box for that determines which house I build.

  2. Mary D'Entremont says:

    Very useful visual for children

  3. Sandra Gay says:

    This is a very beautiful, as well as greatly informative, poster for any age, but especially children!

  4. Linda Caviness says:

    I am teaching a class at the local library and this would be very helpful

  5. Cristina Alger says:

    I build next with the children and this poster would be great!

  6. Little Wonders Play School says:

    Were learning about what bird nests in trees, grass or mud.

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