Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon Printable Coloring Sheets & Activities

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Recently we surprised my daughter by taking her to see Raya and the Last Dragon in theaters – and then we had the opportunity to watch it again when Disney sent us the new Blu-ray / DVD! At the bottom of this post we have FREE Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon printable coloring sheets and activities thanks to Disney! 

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon will be out on Blu-ray and DVD on May 18th!

Raya and the Last Dragon Movie Poster
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As we all know new movies in theater have been fewer and farther between lately, so when any kid-friendly movie comes out it’s a great reason for my family to splurge and go out together for a nice night out! I knew my daughter (6 years old) was begging to see the “dragon movie” she kept calling it, so we let our teenage boys split to see another film while we took her to watch Raya and the Last Dragon.

Epic Adventures + Magical Dreams

I literally grew up on Disney living in Florida and over the years have come to love and be inspired by the artistic process of their films. This new film reminded me of a cross between Mulan and Moana – some of our other favorite Disney films. In fact after my teenagers watched it with us later they said the same exact thing!

Raya and Sisu Disney movie characters
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What I really love about actually owning our favorite movies (besides family movie nights of course!) is that my kids can watch them in the car on our road trips, AND  watch the incredible amount of “behind the scenes” additions to learn about with each film!

It’s a GREAT insight for my kids to see what actually goes on behind the scenes to make their favorite films, and gives them an appreciation for how their favorite characters were born!

Raya is a fantasty given flight by the bonds of trust, respect, and friendship. I love the epic adventures that Raya takes us on and her fierce loyalty and faith to Sisu. Not to mention how ADORABLE Tuk Tuk is!! These magical creatures entertained my daughter’s imagination long after we watched the movie.

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon Trailer:

Film Synopsis:

The overall story line of this film centers around the fantasy world of Kumandra – a land where humans and dragons lived together in harmony. (Nice magical dragons – not scary fire-breathing dragons!) A scary amorphous monster known as the Druun threatened the land and the dragons sacrificed themselves to save the people. 

500 years later the Druun has returned and Raya, a fierce but kind warrior is on a quest to track down the last dragon, Sisu (pronounced SEE-SUE) which can finally stop the Druun for good. 

Sisu dragon coloring sheet

Is Raya scary for kids?

My six year old daughter who doesn’t like scary monsters did OK with the Druun in Raya! Instead of having a scary monster look with a body and gnarly face it’s more of a dark fog or dust cloud that rolls in turning people to stone.

Your youngest children have the potential to be frightened over the Druun but this “villain” is far less frightful than past Disney villains. There is mild fighting as expected giving the film a PG rating but overall friendly even for your youngest viewers.

Raya Tuk Tuk coloring sheet


What did we think?


Overall – Raya is a great family-friendly film! It’s one I don’t mind watching anytime my daughter asks! It’s got a creative and interesting story line with characters of all backgrounds coming together and (eventually) putting aside their differences to work together.

For me, Sisu was the most unexpected personality for me (although she was my daughter’s favorite!) which threw me a little at first but I ended up loving her by the end. This quirky fun loving dragon came with a strong streak of positivity, carefree personality, and undying love for her siblings and people.

Since we have the Blu-ray/DVD at home now my boys joined us for our family “Friday Night Movie Night” and actually really enjoyed the film as well which is saying a lot for two teenage boys! 

Raya family recipe card printable

Bonus Features:


  • Us Again – This short hit my right in the heart! It’s by far my most favorite short film!!! An elderly man and his young-at-heart wife rekindle their passion for life on one magical night. Director Zach Parrish takes you behind the scenes of the Walt Disney Animation Studios short.
  • Taste of Raya – Dine along with Kelly Marie Tran and the film’s creative team–virtually–over a Southeast Asian menu inspired by the countries that influenced the film as they discuss their experiences creating the world of Kumandra.
  • Martial Artists – You’ll get a kick out of learning about the martial art forms and weapons used in the film as co-screenwriter Qui Nguyen and visual anthropologist Dr. S. Steve Arounsack share the inspiration behind the film’s action-packed elements.
  • We are Kumandra – Meet members of the Southeast Asia Story Trust and discover the cultural influences that inspired the film…and how important this representation in a Disney animated film is to the people of the region.
  • Outtakes – Step into the homes and behind the mics of the cast of Raya and the Last Dragon as they experience voice-over sessions in closets and shaky internet connections, which made recording this film unlike any other.
  • Fun Facts & Easter Eggs – Take a look at some of the hidden surprises and behind-the-scenes secrets of Raya and the Last Dragon.
  • The Story Behind the Storyboard with John Ripa – Co-Director John Ripa invites you to get an inside look at his thought process as he pitches a storyboard sequence from the film and talks about his amazing career with Disney Animation.
  • 6 Deleted Scenes

Print Raya Coloring Pages & Activity Sheets Here:

Raya and the Last Dragon Activity Sheets


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