Dr. Seuss the Lorax Inspired Pencil Holder Craft

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School just seems so much more fun with enticing authors like Dr. Seuss! We are a big fan of how EASY it is to create Lorax themed classroom decorations and party crafts for kids and this SUPER SIMPLE pencil holder is no different!

Dr seuss Lorax Pencil Holder Kids Craft

Fill the jar with Dr. Seuss pencils or erasers as an additional reward incentive! Take a peek below at how to make your own Lorax pencil holder. It can be edited to use any container you need and hold anything you want! It’s a cinch to get started and you only need a few supplies!

Dr Seuss the Lorax Pencil Holder

Supplies Needed:

Glass jar (mason jars work great!) or Tin Soup Can
Craft Foam – orange and yellow
2 googly eyes
Craft scissors
Tacky glue

Dr Seuss the Lorax Pencil Holder


1. Begin by cutting a thick strip of orange foam or felt. Cut it to fit around your jar or can. Secure the strip in place with glue so it is nice and secure.

2. Now, cut out your mustache from the yellow foam or paper. Cut out a half circle and then trim the edges to look like a mustache.


Dr Seuss the Lorax Pencil Holder


3. Apply some glue to the mustache and press it to the jar.

4. Now, you can add your googly eyes. Just add a dab of glue and press the eyes above the mustache.

Your Lorax pencil holder is now ready for some fun! Go ahead and fill him up with pencils or other craft or office supplies. He can even be used to hold straws or utensils at your Seuss themed parties. Gather your supplies and give this easy and oh so inexpensive Lorax pencil holder a try. It is an easy and fun way to get into the spirit of all things Dr. Seuss.

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