DIY Harry Potter Hogsmeade Sign & Ceramic House Redo

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2 Simple Harry Potter Hogsmeade Thrift Store Recycled Projects

This holiday season we are having a Harry Potter Holiday and are turning our house into a magical world of wizards and everything else that goes along with being a Potter fan. But like most of you we’re on a tight budget and can’t spend thousands (or even hundreds!) of dollars decorating our house. In fact right now it looks like the entire house of decor will cost under $30 – most of which are remote control tea lights for the floating candles along with a few other small supplies!

SO I’ve been eagerly hitting up our thrift store every chance I get and scouring for things I can turn into Harry Potter themed decorations – and this day I found 2! An old ceramic garden house statue thing and a wooden Outhouse sign – both which would bring a little bit of a Hogsmeade feel into the house.

DIY Harry Potter Hogsmeade Sign

I picked up this rather hideous looking Outhouse sign at the thrift store for $.50 and thankfully I could see past the design because I wanted to turn it into a Hogsmeade sign!

DIY Harry Potter Hogsmeade Sign

These are the 2 exact acrylic paints that I used for my sign – I just painted right over the original artwork.

DIY Harry Potter Hogsmeade Sign

Then I used an ultra fine Sharpie marker and wrote the word “Hogsmeade” on the sign! The entire thing literally took me less than 10 minutes to make.

DIY Harry Potter mugs, Hogsmeade sign, and staircase wall art

Voila! That’s it! I settled on displaying it in my kitchen next to the Harry Potter themed coffee mugs that I made!

DIY Hogwarts Ceramic House

Also while I was at the thrift store I came across this little garden statue house ceramic for $1 and thought it was perfect for a Hogsmeade village decor! I used some black and grey acrylic paint and turned it into this:

Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village Thrift Store Project

Both were incredibly simple, cost a minimal amount, but really help fill an extra touch of the magical world of Harry Potter in our house this holidays! Brace yourselves – I have a TON of Harry Potter themed tutorials and DIY ideas coming up the next few months!! We are pretty geeked out here at our house! We’ve even just decided to host a Hogwarts banquet for a holiday dinner so I’m busy putting together ideas for that! My success on creative things like this is planning ahead and prepping as much as possible! So yes – I am crafting and creating things for the holidays – because when the holidays come our schedule will be so busy I won’t have time to do any of this! Plus the further ahead I can plan and prep the more I can DIY and less money I spend!


Harry Potter themed lanyard Vintage Hogsmeade Harry Potter poster Harry Potter inspired birch trees wall decals



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