Dr. Seuss The Lorax inspired Straws – Crafts for Kids

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dr seuss lorax inspired straws for kids

Do your children love Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax? If so, you must give these adorable The Lorax straws a try. Crafting your own Lorax straws is super easy, and as you can see you only need a few materials. These would be perfect for a Lorax themed party, Read Across America Day, or to even enjoy on Earth Day! Here is how you can make a set of your own.

Supplies needed:

Paper straws in choice of color (we used green, like trees)
Small orange crafting pom poms
Yellow felt
small googly eyes
craft glue

dr seuss lorax inspired straws crafts for kids


1. Start by assembling the faces of your Lorax. Begin by gluing a pair of googly eyes onto each pom pom.

dr seuss lorax inspired straws crafts for kids

2. Now, snip out a mini mustache from the yellow felt. You don’t have to get fancy as a simple half moon shape will do.

3. Add a dab of glue to the felt and press it under the eyes of the Lorax. You will now see his face take shape.

dr seuss lorax inspired straws crafts for kids


4. Add a generous dab of glue to each pom pom and press it to the straw. You want to be sure you position it so it is about two inches down from the top.

Your Lorax straws are now ready to be used. How cute do these look displayed in a vase or on your desk in a pencil holder? And how sweet will they look being used for beverages? Kids will love crafting and then using their Dr. Seuss The Lorax straws, so gather your supplies and give them a try.

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