DIY Kitty Spool Craft – Kids Halloween & Pet Parties!

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DIY Kitty Spool Craft



I just LOVE these DIY Kitty Cat Spool Crafts that you can do with kids, turn into Halloween crafts and home decor, or pair up with fine motor skills activities, lessons on mammals, etc. There are just about a zillion excuses you can have for making these adorable spool kitties that kids of any age can enjoy making! Plus it’s inexpensive to make for a larger classroom setting as well!


DIY Halloween Kitty Cat Spool Craft Decor

3 small empty wooden spools

Gray, brown, pink, and white embroidery floss

White, yellow, light blue, brown and black paper scraps

Hot glue

Hot glue gun


DIY Halloween Kitty Cat Spool Craft Decor

Step 1: Glue the end of the embroidery floss to the wooden spool. Wrap floss around spool until it is completely covered. When the spool is completely covered cut the floss and attach to spool with a small drop of hot glue.

DIY Kitty Cat Craft Collage

Step 2: Cut out 3 sets of ears for the cats in colors of your choice and glue them to the top of the spool.

Kitty Cat Spool Craft for kids

Step 3: Cut out different shapes, sizes and colors for the eyes and, using the hot glue, attach them to the front of the spool.

kitty cat spool craft for kids

Step 4: To create whiskers tie 2 short lengths of embroidery floss together and trim to the length you like. Attach with hot glue. For fuller whiskers: loop floss until you create a nice full circle. Tie in the center and trim the ends. Attach with hot glue.

Diy Kitty Spool Craft Tutorial

 And there you have it!! You can easily use this craft year-round for Halloween, pet crafts, fine motor skills activities, kitty lessons, or even create puppy dogs or other animals that you want to feature!

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