Repurpose Little Containers into Snowmen!

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How CUTE is this? My little guy came home from preschool with it yesterday! It’s a little white container with fabric tied around the neck for a scarf, a little fingertip cut out from an old glove and covering the top hole, some googly eyes, and a wee bit of artwork for the face! SO adorable! You can save up old containers and even do this simple craft in a classroom!! If you don’t have enough old gloves for hats you can use the container lid and paint it black for a top hat!

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  1. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    You should check with Mrs. W. and get pictures of her penguins made out of water bottles. She put in some black (acryllic?) paint in it and shook it so it coated the inside black…making a black bottle. They are cute. She's awesome at that kind of stuff. Now that I think of it she may have found the idea online. 😛

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