20 Crazy Ideas to do Outdoors with your Kids Before the Summer Ends

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Our family loves the outdoors but sadly the summer is dwindling which means school is just around the corner! For us we have just a few weeks left of summer – so let’s make the most of it!
20 crazy ideas to do before summer ends
Even though my kids LOVE time to be bored on their own and do whatever it is kids do to occupy themselves in the summer, they still get a little stir crazy occasionally and these ideas below do a great job at getting families to spend some fun time together.

Ideas that your kids will love to just add a little crazy memories into your summer!

1. Build a Brick Wall (not kidding! It looks like fun!)

2. Paint your Fence- Let your kids make your backyard a mural!

3. Plant a Butterfly Garden. (or a Fairy Garden!)

4. Go Geocaching.

5. Make a mud pit or have a mud fight! (our kids favorite!)

6. Build an obstacle course.

7. Build a Treehouse or Club Fort.

8. Build an Enormous erupting volcano (baking soda, vinegar, red food dye!)

9. Make a time capsule- then bury it!

10. Make a pinata 

11. Shoot Rockets (I recommend Estes Rockets)

12. Have a Luau in your backyard.

13. Build a Totem Pole out of cardboard boxes.
14. Build a bonfire. Then roast s’mores!
15. Put on a puppet show. Check out our Captain Underpants sock puppets!
16. Build a birdhouse & decorate it.
17.  Build a Lawn Golf course (tutorial here)
18. Set up a zip line
19. Catch fireflies, butterflies, lizards, or frogs!
20. Create a giant slip n slide with a tarp, water, and dish soap!
21. Go fishing! 
22. Go mushroom hunting!
23. Fly a kite! Make your own!

Do you have any fun and unique ideas to keep your kids busy for the rest of the summer?

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  1. Misfit Momma aka Missy says:

    Forget the kids, I would love to have a treehouse! My Dad built me a little fort once, and in the winter we would always build an igloo (Which we actually slept in), but I never did get the above-the-ground tree house that I wanted so badly.
    Misfit Momma

  2. Alicia C. says:

    We live in a rental. So, for the "Paint a fence" one, I made up some chalk paint (equal parts corn starch & water, then add food coloring to get desired color) for the kids to use. It washes off, but they can have a LOT of fun painting, too!

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