Tips for Hosting a Magical Garden Tea Party for Kids

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magical garden tea party tea sets

Hosting a magical Garden Tea Party for kids is SO MUCH FUN! I think this might have been one of the most exciting parties I’ve ever prepped for! Having two older boys tea parties were certainly not high on my to do list but when my daughter came around I quickly realized how much fun they were! Below are some tips for hosting an inexpensive and fabulous magical garden tea party!

Tips for Hosting a Magical Garden Tea Party for Kids

tea Party place setting with faux grass

1.Use real china tea cups! What’s a magical garden tea party without using real china?! Here’s the secret – it does NOT have to be YOUR fancy china and it does NOT have to be expensive! In fact, it doesn’t even have to match! I spent a week or so before our garden tea party and went to several thrift stores picking up all the random tea cups that I could find for about $.50 each. If one breaks – no big deal! You can even send the tea cup home with each child as a “souvenir” from their magical day!

2. Use fake grass, butterflies, flowers & garden knee pads for place settings! I wanted something very special and garden themed at each place setting and came across a fantastic idea while at the Dollar Tree. They sell cheap little foam garden kneeling pads for $1 which became the perfect “tray” for each place setting at our tea party! I also had scrap turf grass in my craft stash so I cut that to fit the kneeling foam pad and placed it on top for an extra “WOW” factor! Artificial turf grass tends to be a little pricier though so if you’re on a tight budget this might be the “extra” to leave out. Don’t forget the fake flowers & butterflies – they add an amazing magical touch!

up close view of magical tea party butterfly and bracelet

3. Place a small gift at each place setting. This does NOT have to be expensive! I bought a $1 pack of letter beads and created a small elastic bracelet for each child attending the party. They bracelets were simple, dainty, and really got the kids excited when they found their name at each place setting!

little girl at a magical tea party

4. For Sofia the First themes add a lot of purple! If you are hosting a Disney Sofia the First Magical Garden Tea Party like we did you’ll want to make sure you add in plenty of purple colors! Grab a purple tablecloth, napkins, silverware if needed, streamers, and balloons! The purple really brings out the spring colors for the party. Thanks to Disney we also had some fun purple paper crowns for the kids to wear! We also had Sofia the First playing for a quick “break” from our party. You’ll notice in my photos I also found AWESOME glittery purple mini hats at the Dollar Tree too which were so fun to use for dress up with the kids!

purple magical tea party place setting

5. Keep the food simple! Although you want this garden tea party to be magical – you can most certainly keep the snacks simple! Remember it’s for the kids! I put out small dishes of crackers, little cut up bits of hot dogs and cheese, and other great finger food. Our “fancy” dessert was just sugar wafers dipped in candy melt with sprinkles added!

little girl at pretend play tea party

6. Host an etiquette class. Along with a magical tea party comes proper manners right? Have a little bit of fun with the kids and teach them how to properly hold their tea cup and sit up straight! Even the youngest of your group can enjoy mimicking the others in role play. It should only take a few minutes and you can ham it up with extra accessories and over exaggeration!

7. Offer an alternative theme in the party. If you find that you have a large amount of boys that are absolutely resisting a tea party offer a dual party with your Sofia the First Magical Garden Tea Party &  Jake the Neverland Pirates piratey party! Even pirates should have tea too!

8. Be armed with non-tea alternatives. I get it – little kids often just don’t like tea or are unwilling to try new things. Make sure to have a pitcher of water, lemonade, or other beverage on hand to pour in their tea cups so that they can participate too!

printable photo paper for tea party

9. Have your camera and Photo Paper ready! You have a big part in helping to create the magic but don’t forget to capture those memories for later! You can print photos during the party to send home with the guests!

kids playing at the playground

10. Don’t forget playing outdoors! If the weather permits of course, planning activities outdoors after your tea party is a great way to run off some of the excitement and extra sugar!

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