To Elf or Not to Elf? Have YOU Joined the Phenomena?

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My obsession for the elf appeared last year. Yes, that’s right, the ever so expensive Elf on the Shelf phenomena happening all across our country. It took hold of me last year after my son’s preschool started it. I am NOT an impulsive buyer and we are a frugal family, but I just HAD to go out and spend an outrageous amount of money on a creepy looking elf. Yep – I did it too! This is our elf Sam. My children were MORE than thrilled – they were absolutely ecstatic! Every night Sam would fly back to Santa and then reappear somewhere in our house in a new location. Only children can see Sam, and he must not be touched or Santa might not let him come back. Little did I know the absurd things that OTHER peoples elves were doing. It’s almost like keeping up with the Jones’! My elf did something cooler than YOUR elf did! *groans*

This mama is lucky if our elf even remembers to move every night! They are many days when our elf Sam flies across the room while the kids are going potty or have their backs turned! Don’t get me wrong – there are some super fun ideas out there, but by the time I crawl into bed at night the last thing on my mind is spending an hour re-creating messes that I just finished cleaning up just so the elf that I’m not supposed to see can look like HE made the mess.

But on the bright side my kids are happy enough just knowing their elf moves around – and no one better tell them that elves do anything differently!! I hear my children whispering about how nice they have to be because Sam is watching. This morning I woke up and my 5 year old had made breakfast for the ENTIRE family before we even knew he was awake! It is certainly a motivator for him around the holidays…..I wonder if they will come up with a year-round elf, because we sure could use that around here!!

Do you have an elf in your home? Does he do all sorts of crazy things or is he like ours and just kind of hangs around? 

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  1. ok so on you can get 3 items for 30% off, free shipping if you spend $49. You can get the brown eyed elf with the coupon, but not the blue eyed one (it’s on it’s own free shipping promo and cannot be combined)
    so if you were planning to buy a couple other books for christmas or need other stuff anyway (with free shipping it would make the elf $20.96…) you can also shop all their sister stores to get up to the $49 their toy store has a 30% off one item coupon too and they have a store that sells soaps and makeup and household stuff too…
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      1. hahah if you buy the elf, the elf dvd, and something else for $10 you qualify for free shipping, they have furby’s on and you can use the coupon on them too! Those 30% codes are pretty awesome for making your own sale for the hot toys on your list!

  2. Jennifer Jean says:

    Yes. We have elves. We spent the $$ twice! Thanks so much for the skirt! “Sally” is a hit. We have one of each so when the kids grow old they can take their childhood elf. Ours doesn’t do crazy stuff either. Last year Bernard brought cookies one day, but that’s it.

  3. right- i bought it too ! our elf just flys and lands- he is so boring-but the kids love him and they talk to him daily….he probably knows more things about my kids than i do- i think they tell him their secrets…

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