Is the BMXie Balance Bike by Chillafish Good for Toddlers Review

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I absolutely LOVE the Chillafish brand because of their high quality bikes for little ones. My daughter has had a TON of compliments on her Chillafish Bunzi bike (it’s so light and portable we actually travel with it throughout the year!) and it’s done miraculous wonders helping her learn to be steady on balance – and she’s only 20 months old!

BMXie Balance Bike by Chillafish

So I was REALLY excited when Chillafish gave me the opportunity to check out their new BMXie-RS which features Airless RubberSkin Tires! My neighbor – who is a pretty hard core mountain biker – went nuts over this trendy little balance bike for toddlers because of the quality of the tires. (Geared for ages 2-5.) I’m pretty sure they bought one for their daughter already.

Chillafish Balance Bike

The BMXie-RS is shipped in just a couple large pieces and can VERY easily be put together in literally just a few minutes. My husband put ours together before I could finish my lunch!

BMXie balance bike by Chillafish

There’s a few very notable things I wanted to point out on the BMXie-RS bike that makes this the ideal balance bike for toddlers and preschoolers. It comes with cool stickers that your child can choose to decorate their faceplate with which makes it fun for them.

BMXie balance bike by Chillafish

I mentioned of course the Airless RubberSkin Tires. These tires do NOT need to be pumped up – they come just like you see them here! The tires have a FOAM core so you don’t have to worry about the tire being punctured and deflating – it won’t happen. But the outside is actually rubber just like any other bike tire you’ll come across. These are some impressive set of wheels and quite unique for a balance bike!

BMXie balance bike by Chillafish

Another aspect I LOVE is that the seat is adjustable. That pink plastic piece you see there under the seat can be turned and rotated to adjust the seat level of the bike depending on the height of your child. Your child will have a perfect fit every time. (the bike also has fiberglass reinforced material) It also makes it beneficial if you have several children in the age range for this bike – you can easily adjust it each time they climb on.

Chillafish Balance Bike

You can see that my small 20 month old daughter is just a little bit too short for her brand spanking new bike which is about right since she’s a little under the age range for this bike. But that absolutely has not deterred her from dragging this thing through the house and climbing on it! It’s light enough for her to drag around even though she’s quite young – and it’s definitely light enough for my boys (ages 7 & 9) to pick up and put in the car for her!

I have to admit – she has a nicer bike than anyone else in the family! These things are built to last and I feel very safe with the quality and build of these bikes. I love that they are easy to tote around the country when we go on road trips or to visit grandma in another state. I also love that they are ridiculously easy to put together.

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