Teacher Math Hack to Learn the Number 9 – Multiplication, Addition, Finger Method

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These 3 math hacks will make learning the number 9 so much easier! If you’re a teacher I invite you to join our Classroom Management & Engagement Resources e-mail list here!3 easy math hacks for number 9

Math can be a tough subject for any kid to learn (or teacher!) but some kids struggle more than others. These 3 clever and simple math hacks will help kids learn their number 9 multiplication facts! Watch the quick video below or scroll through and read the explanations at the bottom of the post.

Here’s a simple video explanation:

Math Hack: Multiplication Verification:

math hack number 9 multiplication

Multiple 9 by any number 1-9. To check your answer separate the double digit numbers and add them together. They should equal the number 9. This is a great way for students to double check their work.

Math Hack: Finger Method and Addition for Multiplication:

math hack number 9 multiplication

The finger method is really simple and kids can take their hands anywhere! Assign each finger on your hand a number 1-10. Lay your hands flat out and hide the number finger that your number 9 is being multiplied by. Your answer will be the number of fingers you have to the left combined with the number of fingers you have left on the right.

So for example if you were multiplying 3 x 9 you would hide your #3 finger. You would have 2 fingers to the left and 7 fingers to the right which would equal the number 27. (watch the video above for a better visual)

Math Hack: Number Run Multiplication Checker:

math hack number 9 multiplication

This one takes a little longer to figure out but is easy nonetheless. You’ll need to write the numbers 1-10 down a paper, then “x 9 =” beside each number as shown above. Then list the numbers 0 to 9 down the paper and next to that then write the numbers 0 to 9 up the paper. You’ll see in the photo above that this will give you the answer for each multiplying factor x 9!

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EASY Math Manipulative – Telling Time:

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