Goosebumps Inspired Gift Ideas for the 90’s Kids at Heart

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Tonight we watched the NEW Goosebumps 2 movie with our kids and although I personally still favor the first Goosebumps movie, it inspired me to come home and look up some awesome Goosebumps inspired gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season!

Here are some cool ideas that I found and wanted to share with you!

Throwback with this Goosebumps Enamel Pin!

Keep it cool with this Goosebumps Coin Purse or this Slappy Makeup Bag / Pencil Pouch.

goosebumps lamp

Light up your world with this VHS Lamp!

scary bath bomb

Or slip into a scary bath with this Slappy bath bomb!

vintage Goosebumps jean jacket

This stylish vintage Goosebumps jacket is AWESOME!

vintage Goosebumps pillow

This vintage Goosebumps throw pillow is a fabulous thing to smile at.

Goosebumps slime nails

These slime dripping nails are perfect for Goosebumps inspired styles!

Goosebumps fabric scarf

This unique Goosebumps fabric scarf is one of several styles on Etsy.

Goosebumps pencil case

This Goosebumps books pencil case.


Goosebumps gift ideas retro 90s

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