5 Simple Light Table Activities with Transparent Cube Counters

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Simple preschool & kindergarten light table activities:

Light Table Activities table and opaque counting cubes

I discovered these inexpensive slim light boxes and have been so excited to use it with my kids for everything that I can come up with! These Transparent Cube Counters from Learn365 were sent to me by Oriental Trading so that I could put this post together. I had no idea how many things I would come up with to use them for!

Light Table with Transparent Cube Counters

There are 90 cube counters in 3 different sizes and a variety of colors. Oddly enough they arrived individually packaged so it took a while to cut open 90 different cube packages!

Consider yourself warned! Aside from that they are AMAZING! Super sturdy which means they won’t be damaged with kids or crushed.

Stacking Towers:

colorful Transparent Cube Counters for light table

Thanks to the variety of sizes these Transparent Cube Counters are perfect for building tower stacks, bridges, and other buildings with. You can coordinate colors, sizes, etc. They are also fun to put into Tetris shapes!

Venn Diagram – Colors:

Light Table Venn Diagram with Transparent Cube Counters

I used 2 small embroidery hoops (that I picked up at the thrift store) and overlapped them on my light table to use as a Venn Diagram.

Your options in using a Venn Diagram are pretty limitless here to be honest. Above you can see we separated out colors – regardless of size.

Venn Diagram – Mixing Colors:

Light Table Venn Diagram with Transparent Cube Counters
Blue + Yellow = Green

This activity mixes in a bit of art with sorting! Place 3 colors in a pile and have the child sort the overlapping diagram with the color that the other two create when mixed as show both above and below.

Light Table Venn Diagram with Transparent Cube Counters
Blue + Red = Purple

Spelling Names:

Light Table Spelling Letters with Transparent Cube Counters

Use a bit of creativity with building and practicing spelling and forming names! Of course if you have a small light table surface you won’t be able to create very long names but you can still work on initials, mom, dad, etc.

Letter Formation:

Light Table Letters with Transparent Cube Counters

Another great activity is simply practicing letter formation combined with motor skills.

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opaque transparent cube countersopaque geometric shapes3d geometric shapes

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