Mount Rushmore Coin Rubbings Art Activity for Kids

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We’ve been reading Flat Stanley: The Mount Rushmore Calamity as part of a new Literary Guide Series that my husband and I are putting together (find it in our TPT Store) and this simple Mount Rushmore Coin Rubbings activity is perfect to pair with our writing prompt printable below!

coin rubbings Mount Rushmore activity for kids

The Flat Stanley children’s books are a personal favorite series of my mine for the simple fact that it ties my obsessive love of travel in with learning about history! This Mount Rushmore coin rubbings activity can be done on any blank sheet of white paper or on our printable writing prompt template below!

Check out our quick video tutorial here:

Materials Needed:

american money coins and brown crayon

*NOTE – President Roosevelt on the dime is NOT the same President Roosevelt on the Mount Rushmore figure that we used. You will need to share about BOTH President Roosevelt’s so that kids aren’t confused or create your own design!

USA Presidents TOOB
USA Landmarks & Figures TOOB (Mount Rushmore is included)
Mount Rushmore Writing Template


If you’ve never done coin rubbings (or leaf rubbings!) then follow our quick easy steps and tips below. Also below are further suggestions and resources to pair both with Mount Rushmore history lessons and Flat Stanley: The Mount Rushmore Calamity book!

Mount Rushmore and coin rubbings
  1. Lay a piece of white printer paper on a flat surface.
  2. Place on that paper one quarter, one nickel, one dime, and then one penny in that order. This represents a presidential “head” on Mount Rushmore (except like I mentioned, the 2 President Roosevelt’s!). (if needed you can use an Elmer’s glue stick to attach the coins to the paper so that they don’t move around which is helpful especially with kids!)
  3. Place another piece of white printer paper or our printable writing prompt over the top of the coins and lay it flat on top.
  4. Remove the paper on your crayon and lay it flat over the coins and rub vigorously. I found that especially when doing coin rubbings you may need to press harder on the tip of the crayon to get a better coin rubbing with details to appear.

The Mount Rushmore “bust” that you see in the photo above comes in the Safari Ltd USA TOOB.

president busts and coin rubbings

Here you can see that I showcased our Safari Ltd. TOOB President busts which work great for this Mount Rushmore project! Kids can also use these busts to test out their drawing skills too!

*Literary Guide for Flat Stanley and the Adventure Journal are currently being created! Check back soon for the finished product!

Abraham Lincoln Book Literary Guide 

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