DIY No Sew Baby Leg Warmers – Frugal Baby Idea

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Congratulations! Your baby is on the move! But with it comes plenty of cuts and scrapes for baby to crawl cross. How do you protect their knees on cold hard floors? This EASY tutorial will show you step by step how to make baby leg warmers that are NO SEW! These are ultra cheap and mama’s choice for a quick fix to help protect baby’s knees!

diy no sew baby leg warmers

 With the new arrival of my little girl and the colder winter weather settling in here I thought it would be a GREAT frugal idea to feature these DIY No Sew Baby Leg Warmers which is a much cheaper alternative to Baby Legs (which can run up to $10 per pair!). TIP – if you’d rather purchase baby leg warmers I highly recommend juDanzy leg warmers as the BEST price!  But if you’re like me and you’re trying to save a few bucks you can EASILY make your own Baby Leg Warmers for $1 or LESS per pair.

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Baby Leg Warmer Supplies needed:

DIY new Sew Baby Leg Warmers Frugal gift

Adult size knee socks


Fabric glue (optional)

Note – the socks used in this post were 2/$1 at our local dollar store!

Tutorial Directions:

1. Begin by laying the sock as flat as possible on its side like you see below.

DIY new Sew Baby Leg Warmers Frugal gift

2. Find the seam at the toe. This is where you will make your cut.

3. Cut off the toe fabric, trying to stay in line with the seam.

4. Fold the cut edge twice. This will give the end of the leg warmer a clean and finished look. You can secure this fold with fabric glue if you wish. Just apply it to the insides of the fold, squish together and press, then allow it to dry. Don’t worry – this is a cheap QUICK fix to help your little one out and I promise they won’t care what it looks like!

5. Slip the sock over the child’s leg so the traditional heel is placed over the knee of the child. There’s a natural bend there. You can pull the warmer up to the thigh if possible, or bunch it around the shin. One of my kids had the most darling chubby legs so I had to be careful pulling these up too far or it would leave marks. Wash these leg warmers as you would normally wash socks. Although, you may wish to air dry them if you want to avoid shrinking or issues with the fabric glue.

This is a fantastic and inexpensive way to help protect your little one’s knees as they learn to crawl, begin playing outdoors, etc. Plus it’s a great budget savvy alternative to other baby leg warmers! Keep a pair in the car for emergencies if your kiddo has a diaper leakage and you forgot an extra outfit!! If you’re a whiz at sewing (which I most definitely am not) you can even hem up the bottom instead of using the fabric glue. If you sew it I’m betting it will look a lot better than mine! But don’t worry – everyone will be enjoying your cute little one, not looking to see if you have an uneven baby leg warmer on your child!

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