How to Make Your Own Ladybug Pinata for a Bug Birthday Party

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Last weekend we had my son’s birthday party and it was all about bugs! (Mostly ladybugs….) He had asked us to buy a piñata, and instead of spending $30 on one we decided to have fun and make our own! Although it takes a good bit of time – it was SO easy and lots of fun to make! All you’ll need is a balloon or box, newspaper, flour, salt, and water!
We did not mix a specific amount of ingredients. We added about 2 tsps. of salt to flour and water. Keeping adding flour or water till you get a thick yet fluid consistency. You don’t want it lumpy or watery! You can use a box even to make your pinata, but we bought one of those punch balloons for under $1 at Walgreens. (You can also buy a bag of several of them for $1 at the Dollar Tree) Time to blow up the balloon! I chose the punch ball balloons because of it’s very round shape.



Here is our bowl of flour/water mix. Nothing fancy.


Once your balloon is blown up and tied off, and your flour/water mix is ready- grab your newspapers! Cut them into long skinny strips, then dip them in your flour/water mix. I wiped all of the excess mix off of the newspaper strips. As you can see below it is quite messy! (But easily washes off your hands and anywhere else you get it.) Place one layer of newspaper strips all around the balloon- leaving a small amount at the top uncovered- this will be your hole to add your candy/toys. Leave it sit overnight (hanging) to dry. Repeat every night with a new layer of newspaper strips coated in the flour/water mix. We did this for 3 or 4 nights, drying every day in between. It seemed a little damp at first but when it completely dried it was rock hard!
I am not all that great artistically as you can see! I actually wanted to take little squares of streamers and glue them on the pinata but my husband got a hold of it before I could start and he painted it white for a base color. SO I decided that I would just paint it red, and add the black spots for the ladybug wings! Definitely nothing fancy but my son thought it was the best (ahhh the simplicity of a 4 year old!).
Here are a couple shots of my boys having fun with their ladybug pinata!

*Sorry for such TINY pictures! This post is very old and the formatting is lousy but I don’t have the files anymore to make them larger! This was a FUN birthday project though!

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  1. It looks GREAT!

  2. Becky Jane says:

    Such a cute ladybug…how did you attach the strings for hanging it? I couldn't quite tell.
    I also stumbled your post!
    Becky Jane

  3. The Teachers Wife says:

    Becky- we attached them to a small metal hook and then hung it up on a rope!

  4. Ourfamilyworld says:

    Looks great. I would love to do that.
    I stumbled back.
    Have a great day

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