Hammer and Nails – A Must Have Game

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I apologize in advance for this photo being flipped the wrong way! But I wanted to include it so you can see a better view of the idea of Hammer and Nails. (and yes, I know the foot is the wrong size- we don’t have all of the pieces!)
I bought this game last year at a garage sale for under $1 and I wasn’t even sure whether they made this anymore. Looks like they have a newer updated version of the game but it’s definitely the same game.
As you can see this is basically Tangrams, with a creative spin. Since we bought ours at a yard sale we have to use the large push pins with the game, but it actually comes with the small flat push pins.
Basically you grab a color coded tangram card, and build a matching character on the cork board by nailing down the pins in the middle of the tangram shapes. Below you can see my son made a person. They also have animals, flowers, objects, etc.



This is an incredibly useful game in so many ways. I initially bought it to help improve my son’s fine motor skills. It also helps children in matching the patterns, spatial learning, and more. It is under $20 on Amazon and I highly highly recommend this game.
The only real set back is that because it does have push pins you do have to keep this out of the reach of little hands. My son no longer needs supervision with this game but I highly recommend close supervision in a group setting or for your little ones!
This is a challenging game for kids through elementary. You can even have your older kids race to see who can build their card the quickest!
The only place that I know of that you can buy HAMMER & NAILS is on Amazon. It is definitely worth it. My son loves playing this.

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  1. ohh OMG… when I grew up we had this in Germany.. this is soo cool.. this was always a fun thing to do and I always lvoed it, ned to check it out.. this is sucha great "game"….

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