Practicing Fine Motor Skills – Painting with Toothpicks

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YES – I DID say toothpicks! Have a child who needs some practice on their fine motor skills? Maybe they have a difficult time with imaginative and creative things? Try something unique to get them interested like painting with toothpicks!

At first my son wasn’t really sure what to do with them. He tried to dip the pointy end of his toothpick in the paint but would only show tiny dots on his paper. Then I pointed out that he didn’t have to paint with his toothpick vertically, nor did he just have to use one toothpick. Well that opened up a WHOLE new avenue for him! He tried crossing toothpicks into an “X” and painting, sliding one toothpick across the page, swirling paint, and a whole lot more! Not only does it prompt some new and unique creative uses but it also sneaks in that fine motor skills development as well!

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