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Insect Lore has partnered with me in celebration of our bug month- I am SO excited! I just received my Painted Lady caterpillars today- so this project will actually spill into May. I am reviewing TWO separate products:
1. Butterfly Pavilion
2. Butterfly Pavilion CLASSROOM kit
The difference? The Butterfly Pavilion comes with 6-10 caterpillars/butterfly larvae, and the CLASSROOM kit comes with 33 caterpillars- enough for one caterpillar per student in your classroom! The Butterfly Garden (3-5 caterpillars and smaller habitat) and the Butterfly Pavilion are perfect for use at home. Obviously, the Butterfly Pavilion CLASSROOM is best for – you guessed it- the classroom! It does seem a little confusing that there are 2 different types of Butterfly Pavilions- so I will always refer to the school version with CLASSROOM in bold behind it!
I will keep you updated everyday on the progress of our Painted Lady Caterpillars! All of these pictures taken today were from the Butterfly Pavilion CLASSROOM kit. I will do a full review (and giveaways!!) of each kit at the end of the life cycle so these are just tidbits from each day.
 The caterpillars are so tiny!
 I just placed this little guy in a small cup made for one student.
 You use a paintbrush (provided) to lightly brush or pick up the caterpillar to place in each individual cup.
Here is the habitat that came with the CLASSROOM kit- look how BIG it is! WOW!

Insect Lore had a huge amount of things that I did not even know they have!! My favorite that I caught a glimpse of yesterday was their Butterfly Life cycle STAMPS!! How cool!!

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  1. kneesandpaws says:

    That is so awesome! I'm going to have to get one for our homeschool classroom. Thank you so much for sharing it. I love the habitat!

  2. preschool says:

    It is so exciting that we can follow your adventure 🙂 Our class will be receiving our caterpillars at the end of April!

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