(Mostly) Free Edgar Allen Poe Printables, Activities, and Gifts

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(Mostly) Free Edgar Allen Poe Printables, Activities, and Gifts

I have always had a special place in my heart for the dark and strange tales of Edgar Allen Poe and have found very little online in regards to using Poe for teaching lessons at home or school. (at least compared to other subjects)

I’m still on the hunt for Edgar Allen Poe resources that you can use but below is a list I’ve started and will add to each time I find something for the collection! This video on Shmoop on The Raven was pretty awesome and my middle school son LOVED it!

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FREE Edgar Allen Poe inspired Writing Template:

Edgar Allen Poe The Raven inspired printable writing template

I made this simple The Raven inspired writing template for your Edgar Allen Poe activities and poems. You can just click on the file below and print it either black & white or in vintage.

Print Writing Template here ==> Poe WritingTemplate PDF

FREE Poe Poetry Mashup Game:

Edgar Allen Poe Poetry Mashup Game Printable

I also created this fun Mad Libs type Poe Poetry Mashup game for your classroom! Print enough pages so that each student will have one (or more) box to write in. (just one box per student, not the entire page per student!)

There are many ways you can use this as a game or literary mashup in your classroom. The basic idea is to have each student write one sentence on their “card”/box. The teacher then collects all of the “cards” and reads them as a story in a random order.

Print the file here ==> Poe Poetry Mashup PDF

Other (mostly) FREE Printable Edgar Allen Poe ideas:

Edgar Allen Poe's Pie math puzzle book
This book I found on Amazon looks awesome!

FREE 24×36 The Raven Printable art work
FREE We Loved with a Love that was More than Love Print
Edgar Allen Poe’s Pie: Math Puzzlers in Poems
FREE The Raven Printable Art Banner
Nevermore & Raven Printable Files
Raven Book & Candle Cover Printables
TPT Tell Tale Heart Newspaper Project
TPT Edgar Allen Poe Internet Scavenger Hunt

Edgar Allen Poe Gifts

I recommend looking here on Etsy first for handmade unique gifts!

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