Printable Hierarchy Visual Flip Chart – 2 sizes

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This year I am really trying to push out some additional printable teacher resources that can be used in the classroom or for homeschooling as well. I made this simple Hierarchy Visual Flip Chart in 2 sizes – full sheet or half sheet so you have the option to cut down your paper usage in half. Also included is a simple global map of various sizes for each hierarchy flip chart.

Printable Hierarchy Visual Flip Chart Map - in 2 sizes for teachers to conserve paper or use for various students of different grade levels

¬†Have your students use a star sticker to designate specific locations on the map where they live or simply have them paste it on “My Planet” and color around it. On each layer the student should have a written or drawn description of what that layer means to them depending on the age level of your grade.

Cut each box out and staple or tape on top of the larger size until they are stacked accordingly. Just click below to open the file of the size desired:

Half Size Hierarchy Visual Flip Chart PDF

Hierarchy Visual Flip Chart Full Size PDF

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