Reading Literacy Local Children’s Event

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Our city just had a Reading Literacy event for kids this past weekend! It was a lot of fun and well thought out! Above you can see that Jack Hartmann was there singing several concerts for the kids. If you’ve never heard of Jack Hartmann I encourage you to check him out- especially if you have kids or are a teacher. He’s got fun silly kids songs, as well as songs geared to helping kids learn.



In addition to the fun concerts that Mr. Hartmann provided, the children were each given a goody bag which container a water bottle, a few tickets, and some literature. There was also a “passport” which the children were to take around to 5 different tents decorated from 5 different countries. Each country the children visited had a hands-on craft to do there- and then the child received a stamp from that country. Once all 5 stamps were collected the children could visit the pavilion and pick out their very own book to take home.


Above you see the USA tent- where they had live beta fish on the table, and the children colored magnetic boats, octopuses, and other ocean life creatures. I think below was India but I can’t quite remember. They had kits for all of the children which were sticky mosaics that they poured sand on to make different patterns. I think this one was my favorite. The kits came from Oriental Trading Company.


There was also a balloon man on stilts………….
Here is our passport that my son completed:
There were several tents set up for the children to pick out their own book. They had preschool levels all the way through high school. I loved that the children were able to pick out a book that interested them. I saw everything from Magic Tree House to board books to classic literature.
Our local fire department was also there with a firetruck which the children could climb into. The firefighter showed us their secret hidden ladder which was pretty cool!
My son chose a book called “Skippyjon Jones“. It looked cute- and is one of the most unique children’s books I’ve read! It’s about a cat, who thinks he’s a bird, then thinks he’s a Spanish dog and great sword fighter….very interesting!
In addition to the book table where every child could exchange their passports for a book, there was also 2 tents outside with 2 different local children’s book authors. I thought that was a great way to let kids meet a real book author- and promote someone local. Each child received 1 ticket and could choose which book they wanted to receive- we chose Dante the Dancing Goose by Katherine Boll.
While we were waiting for daddy to go get the car we decided to sit and read out new books together.
Below is my son wearing the mask that he received in the Africa tent….
Florida Naturals and Publix provided water, orange juice, and snacks which were free to anyone who came to the reading event. It was a great idea because it really was rather warm out last weekend!! My oldest son is trying to teach my youngest how to lick a popsicle below!
The kids had a blast and I as a parent was very grateful to see community effort in promoting an interest in reading to our children. It was a fun event and we will certainly plan on going next year as well!

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