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How to Make Your Own Soap!
Materials Needed: Food Coloring
                                                                             : Glycerin Soap Base
                                                                              :Glass Containers
                                                                              :Small toys (optional)


Although I have the clowns in the picture, I changed the toys later on….
Step 1.
Put chunks of glycerin soap in a glass container & melt on the stovetop. No need to stir. You can if you want, but don’t stir too much or it will put air bubbles in your soap.
Step 2.
After the glycerin is completely melted add your food coloring. A drop or two is more than sufficient. As you see here my son wanted all the colors in his! They look pretty- till you mix them together. As you’ll see a few pictures his down his looks quite muddy. However he loved it & said his pirate was in a swamp!

Step. 3
Pour your colored glycerin in the dish you want to mold the soap in. You can place your toy in the dish before or after you pour. An important note- this works BEST with soap molds which you can buy at the craft store for $2 or less. I couldn’t find my plain mold so I used a glass dish making it MUCH harder to get the soap out after it had hardened!!


Step 4.
For quickest soap hardening place in fridge till hardened! (about 20 minutes)
Step. 5
Remove & enjoy your new soap!!

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