How to Make Kid’s Snow Painting Art Recipe – Winter Sensory Play

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My kids LOVE playing in the snow but when we add color to all that beautiful white ice outside it really adds a creative element to their sensory play! This post will take you step by step on how to easily make your own kid’s snow painting art recipe!

snow painting yellow sun art

For this recipe below I highly recommend making a gallon worth for each color, storing it in the fridge if possible (or outside on the porch if it’s cold but not freezing out!), and keeping it on hand for quick pouring access while the kids are playing! Otherwise you’ll be constantly making oodles of small batches!

Snow Painting Recipe Video Tutorial:

Below is your quick basic startup snow painting recipe:

empty bottles for snow art recipe

Snow Painting Materials:

Liquid food coloring
Cold water (this is important!)
Squeeze bottles

Snow Painting Tutorial:

green snow paint food coloring

1. Take the lids off of your squeeze bottles and squeeze several drops of each food coloring in a different bottle.

red snow paint food coloring

The more drops you add the darker the color will be! Be careful – these colors WILL stain so don’t knock over your bottles!

food coloring in bottles snow painting recipe

2. Carefully fill up with cold water, not too fast it will bubble over.

3. Tightly place the kids back on and wipe down the bottles.

yellow sun snow paint art

4. Carefully take the tops off and use to paint in the snow. Quick fast “swipes” of color on the snow work best!

TIP – another option that we use often – ESPECIALLY for our younger kids, is adding this snow painting recipe into spray bottles instead.  The pros and cons of these are:

Pro – no spills!  lasts longer!
Con – spraying is harder! tough for youngest ones!

four bottles snow paint

BONUS IDEA – One of our favorite family activities in the snow is working together to pile snow and create an object. Since many of us were born in Florida we like to go with a tropical theme and have created alligators, palm trees, crabs, etc. in the snow! Then we “spray” the snow with our snow painting recipe and voila – a beachy themed front yard!


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  1. Does it stain clothes once it’s sprayed?

    1. It certainly could if it’s not diluted enough although we haven’t noticed a big issue with this. But occasionally the kids leak the contents on their hands and temporarily dyes it like kool-aid.

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