Thanksgiving Turkey Juice Box Idea for Kids

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Thanksgiving Turkey Juice Box Idea for Kids

November is the month of ALL THINGS TURKEY! And these happy Thanksgiving Turkey Juice Boxes are super fun and festive for kids – I’m making a bunch for my son’s classroom!

They are super easy and even make a great preschool craft for kids to take home! You’ll only need a few materials to make these festive turkeys!

Thanksgiving Turkey Juice Box Idea for Kids


Juice Boxes of your choice
Construction paper (brown, orange, red, and multiple colors for the feathers)
Glue or tape
Googly Eyes

Thanksgiving Turkey Juice Box Idea for Kids


  1. Start with a brown sheet of construction paper.  Lay your juice box on top to ‘measure’ enough paper to go all the way around.  I used a Juicy Juice Box and my sheet ended up being 7 ¾ x 4 ¾ inches.  
  2. Cut your rectangle out. Wrap your juice box with the paper and glue. You can also use tape.
  3. Out of the orange construction paper, cut an orange triangle.  With the red construction paper, a small squiggle shape to be the turkey’s wattle.
Thanksgiving Turkey Juice Box Idea for Kids

4. Next, cut out feather shapes out of multiple colors of paper.  

5. Flip your juice box over so the glued seam is face up.  Glue an arrangement of feathers to the back of the juice box.

6. Turn your juice around and on the front, attach two googly eyes, beak and wattle.   


  • These would be perfect for kid’s place markers at the Thanksgiving table!  Just stamp their name on the turkey’s belly!
  • Ahead of time, wrap the juice boxes and pre-cut the feathers, beaks and wattles to make this DIY perfect for a quick class party project!

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