Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns Kids Craft

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Chinese New Year Lanterns


6”x9” pad of construction paper, red and gold sheets ($1 at Dollar Tree)



String of lights, optional




Each sheet of construction paper is the perfect size for a lantern, but before you cut the lantern out you need to create handles. Cut a one inch strip along the width of the paper and set it aside.

Fold the construction paper in half, the long way. Starting one inch from the edge, cut slits one inch apart from the folded edge towards the opposite end. Stop cutting about an inch from the edge to prevent cutting your lanterns in half.

Bring the short ends of the paper together and use tape to secure paper in a round shape at the top, bottom and center. Press both ends of the lantern together for a few seconds to flatten it out slightly.

The one inch strip of paper you cut off in the beginning is now ready to be attached as a handle.

Secure both ends of the strip to one of the open end of the lanterns with tape. Hang your lanterns by the handle around the home, string along a doorway with yarn or secure each lantern around a light on a string of lights if you have them.





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