FREE United States Coloring Book and Writing Worksheets by State

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This past year has been a year like no other! Individual projects and activities are being favored over group projects and our free printables will help! Below is a FREE 50 page worksheet set for our United States coloring book and writing practice workbook!

United States coloring pages writing

This free United States coloring book includes a coloring page for each state. Each page features the state name in dotted lines for writing practice as well as the state name again in bubble letters for coloring! Like many of my printables, it is extremely easy to extend these simple worksheets into further hands on study.

Below I have included just a few extended learning ideas that you can use with this coloring book set. If you’re trying to print only a specific state at a time, just go into your printer settings and choose a specific page to print instead of print the entire book at once.

Louisiana coloring page

Ideas for extended learning with this printable set:

My printables are designed to be used as is or to be creatively turned into an extended project!

  1. Print each state as you are studying it then design its state flag with felt (or other medium) in the middle of the state.

  2. Search for each state flower, bird, etc. outdoors or simply use a photo (or draw it) and place it inside the middle of the state. If you can find a flower it will be 3d and sensory friendly activity!

  3. Collect each state worksheet in a binder, then cut out individual states and paste together for a gigantic United States Map! This is best done by glueing onto a large bulletin board paper or several posters together. You can also laminate each state, then add velcro to the back to make a large interactive map!

  4. Lay a sheet of wax paper over top of your state design, then cut out the shape of the state. You can now use that state-shaped wax paper to create a collage or wall hanging! Use tissue paper to match state flag colors!

  5. Print out the entire United States coloring book resource and randomly hand 1-2 states out per student. (or if you’re homeschooled assign one to two states per week of the year) This will be an easy way to randomize US state reports! Pre-punch holes in them to add to student binders.

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