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Inspired by our “What in the WORLD Wednesdays?!” series on Facebook which is centered around learning more about nature and the outdoors around us! This FREE scavenger hunt printable is the perfect addition to our series and doubles as a black and white nature journal page printable as well.

You can color in each item or use it to launch more research for science! (You can also find our series on YouTube here.)

We spend a lot of time outdoors – there is so much to learn about! From making mushroom art to geocaching and fishing, edible plants, animals and more, we never run out of things to learn about outside.

black and white scavenger hunt nature journal page

This nature scavenger hunt printable includes searching for:

  • an acorn
  • a leaf
  • a flower
  • an insect
  • a stick
  • a beetle
  • berries
  • a spider
  • a bird

You can purchase nature acrylic blocks here just like we have featured in the photo. They are also featured on our Bug Lovers Gift Ideas post which is extremely popular! One year we even had an entire bug birthday party with live bugs and a EPIC dirt cake!

black and white scavenger hunt nature journal page

PRINT HERE: Scavenger Hunt Printable

Collecting specimens:

Take this simple scavenger hunt worksheet a step further and collect specimens to study and look at closer! As with any unidentified animal or plant, ensure you do not touch or handle anything that you cannot identify with your bare hands!

Use small specimen jars or containers and long tweezers to collect samples of each item that you mark off of your list (except for a bird of course! Look for bird feathers instead!). Make sure that the container has small air holes.

Don’t forget to release your live bugs after looking at them closely with a magnifying glass and trying to sketch them. If they are large like butterflies, praying mantis, etc. I recommend using a bug hamper instead.

Look for identifiable traits like hair, unique markings, color, size, etc. This can provide great further research projects for kids to explore!

I also recommend a collection of Peterson Field Guides to help you further identify your specimens!

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