Make a Bubbling Cauldron out of Play-Doh!

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Your kids – no matter what their age, can make a bubbling cauldron out of Play-doh in just a few simple steps!! The will need one large ball of black Play-doh, a medium sized ball of green play-doh, a smaller ball of blue play-doh, and a brown chunk of play-doh rolled between their hands to look like a log.
The hardest part for small children will be making the black pot. Shape it into a cup pressing a hole into the middle. Save two small pieces to roll up like a caterpillar – these will be the handles. Roll the brown log a little more, slightly flatten the green ball, and break the blue ball up into smaller pieces and roll them into small balls.
Place the green play-doh inside the black pot, “attach” the handles, add the bubbles, and place the brown stick in the cauldron!
You can find more spooky ideas at Play-doh Play-dates!

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