Relax Away The Stress Gift Basket – Teacher Handmade Gift Idea

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 Every year about a month before the holidays really hit I start to search for deals and ideas to make our teachers and school staff gifts. I LOVE making gift baskets but I realize how quickly the cost can add up! Here is a great idea that’s simple to put together to really make your teachers feel special. Come winter break your teachers are ready for a vacation just as much as your kids are so why not give them a little something to help them relax while school is out for a few days! This simple gift baskets includes a homemade NO SEW heat pack and a couple of other essentials to help your recipient unwind a little. Pack it all in a holiday themed bag or box with a thoughtful greeting card or letter from your child and you’ve got a complete gift!

Here’s what we used in our gift basket:

1 new tube sock
dry rice (approx. 2 16 oz. bags)

1/4 yard fabric
2 20 inch long pieces of ribbon

Other Optional Ideas to Include:
Bubble Bath or Bath Fizzies
Box of Tea
Heat Pack instructions
Greeting Card


1.) Begin by filling the tube sock with rice.

2.) Tie the open end tightly and cut off any remaining slack.

3.) Lay your chosen fabric on a flat surface, and roll the sock neatly into the fabric.

4.) Tie each end tightly with the ribbon. Cut the ends clean if necessary.

Wrap It All Up!

Add your heat pack, bubble bath, box of tea, and any other goodies you have chosen into a gift box (or bag). Include your message for a peaceful holiday and you’re all set! I know I can usually find those pre-made clear wrap gift basket paper at the Dollar Tree every year.


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  1. This is a great idea! I’m sure the teachers will love it. Those rice packs are fantastic things. I have one on right now for the crick in my neck.

  2. I loved this idea, so I made it even easier by using some warm and fuzzy socks that were in cute colors at Wal-Mart for $3 a pair. Going to make some for family members and myself too!

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