Free Digital Escape Rooms for Kids & Adults

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Last week I spotted a free Digital Escape Room floating around on Facebook which was so fun – it was Harry Potter too! It gave me the idea to put together a post full of free digital escape rooms and virtual escape rooms from kids to adults!

I have tons of online escape rooms listed below separated out by category, with plenty of them with educational themes! The ones specifically marker “(easier)” tends to be geared more towards elementary kids but can still be fun to play!

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Free Digital Escape Rooms:

The below digital escape rooms are sectioned out by categories and separated with a divider line or you can quickly skip to each category by using our table of contents guide.

PLEASE NOTE – I have NOT completed all of the digital escape rooms below! If you have any issues please contact the creator of each escape room!


Book Themed
History Themed
Science Themed
Math Themed
Geography Themed
Holiday Themed
Tech Themed
Just for Fun
Paid Escape Rooms
Make Your Own

Free Digital Escape Rooms for Kids & Adults

Free Book Themed Digital Escape Rooms:

  1. Harry Potter Hogwarts themed Digital Escape Room
  2. Alice in Wonderland themed Digital Escape Room
  3. The Wild Robot Breakout (plus unit study and book series)
  4. Escape from Narnia
  5. Books Alive! Escape the Rhymes
  6. Dog Man Escape Room
  7. Hatchet Escape Room
  8. Escape From the Chocolate Factory  
  9. Treasure Island Treasure Hunt 
  10. Escape from Lyra’s Oxford
  11. Jumanji Escape Room 2
  12. Jumanji Escape Room 3
  13. Escape from Camp Half-Blood
  14. Pete the Cat and the Birthday Party Mystery (ages 2-8) 
  15. Help Pete the Cat Get His Groove Back
  16. Road Dahl Digital Escape
  17. Shakespeare’s Misadventure of the Missing Manuscript   

All of the above book themed escape rooms are themed around favorite books and authors.

history escape rooms

Free History Themed Digital Escape Rooms:

  1. Escape the Sphinx designed for ages 10+
  2. Escape the Egyptian Tomb designed for 6-11
  3. History Written Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  4. Civil War Escape Room
  5. Famous People Americans (easier)
  6. Native Americans (easier)
  7. Rescue the Revolution (easier)
  8. The British are Coming (easier)

All of the above book themed escape rooms are themed around historical time periods and people.

science digital escape room

Free Science Themed Digital Escape Rooms:

  1. States of Matter Digital Escape Room
  2. Camouflage Caper (easier)
  3. Animal Zoo (easier)
  4. Asteroid Collision (2nd grade level)

All of the above book themed escape rooms are themed around various scientific topics.

math escape room

Free Math Themed Digital Escape Rooms:

  1. Measurement Breakout
  2. Math Possible Mission 
  3. Math Prison Escape Room 
  4. Escape the Henry Viscardi School

All of the above book themed escape rooms are focused on math.

geography escape room

Free Geography Themed Digital Escape Rooms:

  1. Around the World (easier)
  2. Classical Chaos (teens-adults)

All of the above book themed escape rooms are themed around geography.

Free Holiday Themed Themed Digital Escape Rooms:

  1. Techmas Digital Escape Room (Christmas)
  2. Tricky Mickey McNaughty (St. Patrick’s Day)

Free Tech themed Digital Escape Rooms:

  1. Ransomware Breakout Digital Escape Room
  2. Digital Tools Breakout 
  3. Crack the Code (coding)

Just for fun:

  1. Going to the Movie Escape Room
  2. Og’s Great Adventure (dinosaurs, easier)
  3. Breakout Broadcast
  4. Catch the Bus (easier)
  5. Soar’s Capture (easier)
  6. Grizwald’s Grizzly Escape (easier)
  7. Into the Lion’s Den (easier)
  8. Frozen themed (easier)
  9. Once Upon an Escape (teens-adults)
  10. Minecraft Escape Room 
  11. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar 
  12. Escape From the Tardis
  13. Trapped in the Old Parrish House (3rd-5th grade)
  14. Back to the Present 

Paid Escape Rooms:

Etsy has some EPIC Escape Rooms that are insanely creative and you can find classroom printable escape rooms to buy on TPT.

How to Make Your Own Escape Room:

Build your OWN Digital Escape Room with this tutorial for using Google Forms or this tutorial here.

HELP ME! I want to make this list the most AWESOME LIST out there for free digital escape rooms for kids AND adults! If you have created one or know of one not on this list please let me know and I will add it! 

AWESOME BONUS Recommendation for Kids (and Adults!):

Not a digital escape room, but I highly recommend going through the Imagineering in a Box course on Khan Academy.

With help from the Walt Disney Imagineering Department kids can build a story board, theme park, attractions, characters, and learn about the genius technicians, artists and engineers that design rocks, art, rides, and how they make magic come alive.

If you appreciate this free content and would like to help contribute in a small way in helping me continue providing free educational resources for others, feel free to send a token of your appreciation via Paypal here. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Cool idea! Would love to have an art themed one! Maybe something with famous artists (art history) and types of mediums (vocabulary)? I teach 5th and 6th grade art and think they would enjoy it

    1. Crystal @ Surviving a Teacher's Salary says:

      Thanks Jessica! If you come across any let me know! I will keep looking for more to add to the list!

      1. I love this and would love to have a try with my grandson over our zoom session. Could you explain how this would work? I’m a bit new to all this stuff. Would we both just need to have the chosen room on a phone? He LOVES Dog Man

  2. Kendra Carlson says:

    These are great!! However, am I missing some information on some of them of how to crack each code? I don’t see from each form how I could solve them (states of matter breakout, for example) . Is there something that comes with these that would be printed out? I’m hoping to use some of these for some virtual learning with my 5th graders during this crazy shut down. 🙁 Thank you!!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing – then realized you need to click around on the page to get to the puzzles!

  3. Christina says:

    First of all, thank you so much for this website!

    I am having trouble solving “The Wild Robot Breakout” since one of the links requires special permission or an e-mail account with access. I have requested access, but have not gotten a response yet. Do you know how to solve this issue? It is the link, that can be found in the top right corner in the LOCKS-section.
    I hope you can help ease my frustrated mind 🙂

    Kind regards, Christina

    PS. I am trying from Denmark – maybe that has something to do with it?

  4. Nicole Lorden says:

    I was trying the Math Possible one and all are math problems until we get to a riddle “Oh, no! You need a key for the lock.
    Run to the place where patriots would flock.
    There you will find a key for the clue,
    Be sure to hurry and take a hall pass with you…” We have tried every possible answer we could think of related to US patriots, New England Patriots, and even if it was a specific school – like the cafeteria, bathroom etc… none are correct. Anyone do this one and solve it?

    1. Bea Gummerson says:

      I was thinking maybe a bald eagle? So perhaps the answer is a nest, a river, a dam, or a tree?

  5. I think this is an amazing idea! One reccomendation I have is to add a narnia and twilight escape room

  6. HELP!!! I cannot figure out the xmas escape room. The 2nd to last lock where I need a 4 letter word.

  7. i cant figure out the old parrish house🙎

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