All About Clara Barton Printable Worksheets & Activities for Kids

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These free printable worksheets and activities will teach your kids all about Clara Barton, a nurse and founder of the American Red Cross.

With my kids at home extra right now it’s been a great opportunity to fill in some extra learning lessons about things we don’t always tend to cover.

Clara Barton Worksheets

Our free activity workbook on Clara Barton is geared towards elementary ages (3rd-5th) but can be modified for any age group needed.

At the bottom of this post I’ve also included 15 health and germ activities for kids as well as tutorials for pretend play nurse gear! 

You can also find fantastic pretend play nurse & doctor printables and play sets on Etsy!

I also created a Famous People in History Workbook which features 11 famous people on Etsy here or on TPT here. These are great for extending themed lessons on historical figures!

Facts About Clara Barton:

  • Clarissa Harlowe Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881.

  • She was 59 years old when she founded the American Red Cross!

  • Clara was the youngest of five children.

  • She began her career as a teacher at 18 years old but quit when she was 24 saying she’d never work for a lesser salary than a man was making.

  • She became a head nurse with no formal medical training!

  • She also established the National First Aid Association of America.

What’s Included in our FREE Clara Barton Workbook?:

  • Biography

  • Quotes by Clara Barton

  • Word Search Game

  • Fill-in-the Blank Questions + Answer Key

Print HERE: Clara Barton Worksheets

15 Nurses & Health Crafts & Printables for Kids:

This hand washing craft video was shared in the Sensory Ideas for Kids Facebook group!

  1. Paper Plate Nurses Hat
  2. Googly Eye Germs on Hands Paper Craft 
  3. How to Make a Toy Stethoscope from Funnel & Paper Towel Rolls 
  4. Pom Pom Germs Craft
  5. Germ Paper Craft
  6. Nurse Toilet Paper Tube Craft
  7. Free Printable Preschool Health Activity Book
  8. Coughing Katie Styrofoam Cup Craft   
  9. Growing Bacteria Science Experiment 
  10. Glow Powder Germ Experiment  

Famous People in History Workbook:Famous people in history Workbooks

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