DOUBLE your Donations on DonorsChoose NOW through April 30!

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If you’re a teacher you probably already know about DonorsChoose, but if you’re a parent you might not! DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that connects public school teachers to people like you and me who want to support them! You can donate monetary gifts to specific teachers, specific subjects, specific types of classes, etc. I LOVE this company because it helps me to help teachers in what they need most. All situations are different of course, but teachers are able to help meet individual student needs as well as obtain basic classroom supplies with help from us. Just earlier this year via DonorsChoose my husband was able to acquire noise-cancelling headphones to help his autistic students and it’s been wonderful! Sometimes it’s the little things that make classrooms a better place to learn. RIGHT NOW through April 30th if you donate ANY amount and type in the promo code SHOUT it will DOUBLE your donation! Only have $5 to give? Use promo code SHOUT & it will make it $10!! Can you afford $25 to help out our students? It will turn in to $50 with the promo code! Let me tell you that even having an extra $25 or $50 in the classroom for a teacher is a HUGE deal. H.U.G.E. Even that extra $5 or $10 can help purchase extra books or pencils!

If you find that you really have a passion to support our schools & our teachers you can pledge to give $10 a month to support our teachers & get a $50 DonorsChoose gift card!

Can’t afford it right now monetarily? Don’t feel bad? Tweet or share this post on Facebook and maybe someone else can!! Want to specifically support projects from readers here on Surviving a Teacher’s Salary? Contact me for more info!

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