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MindWare contacted me a few weeks back and asked if they could send me a set of Extreme Dot-to-Dot books and I almost turned them down simply because the end of the school year is SLAMMED for us. I spend hours putting a review together and sadly my schedule just doesn’t have hours open right now. Pair that up with my toddler having surgery and being sick and my schedule is turning into a full blown nightmare. Although I’d heard of the Extreme Dot-to-Dot books I had never actually seen them. OH MY GOODNESS! I could spend forever with these books and am SO glad that I had the opportunity to look at them closer! MOVE OVER adult coloring books these Extreme Dot-to-Dot books have my heart. 100%. Not to mention that in addition to fun travel and sports themes and cute cuddle animals there are also educational ones like the above U.S. History Extreme Dot-to-book!


The first thing that got me really excited was when I flipped through the books they sent me and realized that there were NO TITLES on each page. Which means that I had NO CLUE what the mass of dots were going to create on each page. I love a good mystery so this immediately caught my interest. As luck would have it the day I sat down to check out these books was day 2 of having NO internet thanks to a nasty storm that blew through town. So while my daughter was napping I had plenty of time to count from 1 to….well, I lost count after 900! I was totally hooked. I spent almost an hour drawing dot to dot on my first design! I had no idea an hour passed but I do know what I’ll be taking with me the next time I fly on a plane! It will help distract me from my mild flying anxiety!


Whoever designs these is absolutely genius. Not one single time did I have to cross another line. As you can see I also decided to start coloring this battle page to add a little more life into it.


There are all sorts of themes in the Extreme Dot-to-Dot series with plenty of dots to feed anyone’s frenzy of artwork! These are awesome for kids who have a hankering for math and order too.

MindWare Toys Extreme Dot to Dot Books

Another thing I really like is that in the back of each book you can not only see what the images will be but it also gives a brief description of what the drawing is about. (Which is very helpful if you’re not quite up to date on everything in history or with the dinosaurs!)

MindWare Toys Extreme Dot to Dot Books

Here you can see my T-rex and Trilobite dot to dot drawings.

MindWare Toys Extreme Dot to Dot Books

And I LOVE the animal book – there is so much detail!


This Extreme Dot-to-Dot Stickers book even includes stickers to go along with the designs! This one is specifically designed for kids ages 5+ with simpler puzzles which I loved! Instead of almost a thousand dots it only has 90-230 dots! My kids have quickly outgrown your simple dot to dot activities that you can usually print online or buy in normal books so this definitely branches them between the easy versions and the extremely intense adult dot-to-to books!

There are 29 different Extreme Dot to Dot books which you can search for and narrow down by age which is really helpful! You can see all of the books here at MindWare. Looking for an AWESOME game instead? I highly recommend Qwirkle – it’s a favorite in our house and I know many teachers love it!

Download this Extreme Dot To Dot Lesson Plan to pair with the books! 

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