Preschool is Cool: Counting with Elmo DVD Review

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One of our favorite child-hood TV shows has produced a new movie!! Brought to you by Sesame Street & Warner Home Video it’s:
 “Preschool is Cool: Counting With Elmo“!!


Sesame Street is well loved by all kids (including mine!) and is highly educational too! The best combination! Sesame Street and Warner Home Video has just released this new DVD which runs about 50 minutes long.
Professor Grover is the teacher at Elmo’s preschool, and Elmo is chosen to be the big helper for today’s counting lesson! The only problem is that Professor Grover has forgotten how to count!! OH NO! Do you think Elmo can help him? As always- this great Sesame Street video is packed with all sorts of songs and learning lessons to help children learn how to count, and have fun at the same time!
My son loved watching this video, and although he already knows how to count he loved shouting the numbers out right along with all the fuzzy characters that he loves! He runs around and dances like crazy when the “Boogie Booth” song comes on! I love how Sesame Street can capture kids attention and teach them educational things like counting numbers at the same time! They even had a little bit about skip counting in there as well!
This would make a great gift for a preschool class, or a young child- even if they already know how to count! It’s on sale right now for only $11.99 on Amazon!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided a DVD to use for the review. All opnions are 100% mine- your experience may vary.

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