“Out of the Box” Art Camp Ideas to Do at Home Inspired by Etsy!

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This summer I’m compiling art camp ideas to do at home with my kids! Alongside with Pinterest, I actually get a lot of my inspiration from Etsy! There are some insanely creative people out there that help step up our diy camp ideas in such a big way!

unique art camp inspirations

Whether you want to gift an art experience to your grandchild or use Etsy as an inspiration to create your own art summer camp – here are some awesome creative art camp ideas from small businesses for your family this summer.

PSSST – You can EASILY keep track of your favorite ideas by clicking the “heart” on a product on Etsy and adding it to a list!! You can see all of my favorites lists here! 

Preschool Age Art Camp Ideas:

1. Rainbow Sewing Kit 

rainbow craft kit on etsy

This simple sewing rainbow kit is fantastic for working on fine motor skills and colors with your preschooler this summer!

Buy it here: Rainbow Sewing Kit

2. Design Your Own Pretend Play Dolls!

3 fairy dolls

This age group is fantastic for imaginative play and fanciful ideas! Spend time designing your own fairy dolls, pirates, monsters, or whatever other subject areas catches their interest!

Buy it here: Fairy Doll Kit 

Ages 5-9 Art Camp Ideas:

  1. Design Your Own Robots!

kid's paper craft robots

This age group can be extra easy to please – if they love art! If they don’t love art, you might need to go the distance, like building their own (simple) working robots! Just grab a simple motor setup and color your own design to show off!

Buy it here: Simple Motor Art Kit

2. Tie Dye Kits

ice tie dye art kit

I don’t know any kid who doesn’t love tie dying pretty much anything! There is an unlimited amount of things you can tie dye and styles you can try! From natural pigments to tie dye kits, ice dye, and even using Sharpie markers! Create your own hats, pillowcases, masks, shirts, jackets, pants, beach bags, and more!

Buy it here: Ice Dye Kit 

Tweens & Teens Age Art Camp Ideas:

  1. Make Metal or Wooden Art Sculptures

steampunk spider from etsy

Have a teen not too keen on art and need to insert a COOL factor to catch their interest? These awesome steampunk spiders might do just do the trick! Or perhaps an actual working gramophone! How about building and decorating your own roller coaster?

Buy it here: Steampunk Spiders Kit, Working Gramophone Kit, Copper Rose Kit 

2. Build Your Own Animal Habitats

row of bat houses on a bench

Extend your art inspiration into nature and the world of science by learning about nocturnal animals! You can build your own bat house, bee house, insect hotel, or any number of other nature-related activities to allow a safe space for critters outdoors!

Buy it here: Bat House Kit

3. Macrame Plant Hangers

beautiful macrame plant hangers

Macrame plant hangers are no longer a thing of the past! They make fun trendy projects for teens! They can pick out their own plants, decorate the pots, then design a macrame hanger to install in their room!

Buy it here: Macrame Plant Hanger kit, Weaving Kit

Adult Art Inspiration Ideas:

  1. Needle Felting and Fiber Arts

guinea pig needle felting kit on etsy

The fun thing about fiber arts is that there are SO MANY styles and options! And many people have tried none of them! From needle felting to crochet, macrame, latch hook kits, knitting, and so much more – this area of arts is literally endless to explore!

Buy it here: Guinea Pig Needle Felting Kit, Floral Embroidery Kit, Weaving Kit 

2. Painting 

paint by number watercolor art set 

Love painting but your art turns out unsatisfactory or like random blobs? This step by step watercolor book will teach you how to layer your colors in a stunning guided form where you can paint directly in the book!

Buy it here: Watercolor Painting book, Custom Paint by Numbers kit

3. Moss Wall Garden

gold giraffe in green planter frame

I absolutely LOVE bringing nature and greenery into the house. You can turn your love of plants into trendy art! Create designs in picture frames, terrariums, candles, and anything else you can think of!

Buy it here: Mossy Wall Garden Kit 

Other Art Ideas to Consider:

  1. Resin Art

  2. String Art

  3. Flower Pressing

  4. Ceramics & Air Dry Clay

  5. Animation Puppets

  6. Mosaics or Concrete Art

  7. Paper Mache Art or Cardboard Art

  8. Rock Art or Driftwood Art

  9. Jewelry Making

  10. Origami or Paper Craft

  11. Soap or Candle Making

  12. Fairy Garden Art

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