Barbaloot Guesstimation Math Game & Graphing Printables – Dr Seuss The Lorax

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barbaloot math games

I just LOVE Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax not only because it’s a great story but because there are so many educational activities that you can create around it! Like using Barbaloots for math!

You can of course just create Barbaloot Snacks for a quick classroom treat but if you want you can easily spin some Barbaloot fun into several different types of math games! Here are a few “Barbaloot themed” classroom ideas!

1. Math and Sensory Integration Guesstimation – You can change this up depending on the level/amount of students that you have but the general idea would be to place Barbaloots (chocolate Teddy Graham crackers) into a ziploc bag along with small marshmallows (a Barbaloot’s favorite snack!).

You can make a bag per child, per group of students, or simply have one bag placed in a center (or several centers). Let the kids squeeze and squish the bag (just make sure it’s sealed!) as they push marshmallows around to count the Barbaloots!

The winning group/student can have the honor of passing Barbaloot Snacks out to the entire class!

PRINT THIS Barbaloot Guesstimation Sheet PDF for your centers!

Seuss Lorax Barbaloots Math Counting Game

2. Barbaloots in a Jar Guessing Game – This is similar to the first guesstimation game except that you put your Barbaloots in a jar. Make sure you have a lid on it to prevent them from spilling out or from germy hands getting in!

This can easily be set up in a center or left on the teacher’s desk with a container for guesses. The winner gets to hand out the Barbaloots for a special snack!  

PRINT THIS Barbaloot Guesstimation Sheet PDF for your centers!

barbaloot seuss lorax math graphing game printable

3. Barbaloot Graphing & Fine Motor Skills – This activity can help work with fine motor skills as well as math skills. Have each student either use a spoon to scoop up as many Barbaloots as he/she can and then add that number to the class graph.

You can PRINT THIS  Graphing with Barbaloots PDF sheet to use for your class. Another idea is to have the children close their eyes and bring up 5 tweezer full grasps of Barbaloots for a finer motor skill variation.

And of course you can use this with different colored Barbaloots and graph various colors, fractions, and other appropriate activities.


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    Love your ideas and printables!! I use the bears and marshmallows for measuring and comparing too!!

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