Abraham Lincoln Unit Study Series for President’s Day

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Abraham Lincoln Unit Study Series Preschool President's Day

This unit study series is based off of the children’s book “I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Meltzer. Below you can find links to each post broken down by day, craft, activity, etc. This series is geared for preschool students through age 6.

DAY 1 Unit Study
DAY 2 Unit Study

DAY 3 Unit Study
DAY 4 Unit Study
DAY 5 Unit Study

“I am Abraham Lincoln” Activities & Crafts

Abraham Lincoln Sorting Sizes Activity
Abraham Lincoln Beard & Hat Costume Tutorial
Building with Lincoln Logs Cabin
Presidential Stick Puppets
Patriotic Flag Art Canvas
Multicultural Wooden “people” Craft
Lincoln Sudoku Activity
DIY Chalkboard Slate Tutorial

President’s Day Printables

George Washington Coloring Sheet
Abraham Lincoln Coloring Sheet
President’s Day Coloring Sheet
Abraham Lincoln Handwriting Practice Sheet
 Presidential Writing Prompt
 Abraham Lincoln Sudoku Printable

President’s Day Snacks

Abraham Lincoln String Cheese
 Lincoln Log Cabin Pretzel House
Mini Apple Pies

BONUS: This “Apple Tree Craft” and activities can easily be spun into a Presidential “cherry” tree craft for George Washington!

Abraham Lincoln Book Literary Guide 

Overview Tour of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site:

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