DIY Ticket Jar Kid’s Behavior Management Incentive Idea

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 Jar Kid's Behavior Management Incentive Idea

Whether you’re a parent of a toddler, a teacher, a homeschool mom or work in a daycare or preschool you have probably realized how quickly incentives can motivate kids of all ages. Whether it’s for behavior management, potty training, homework completion or whatever the reason our DIY Ticket Jar can be used in just about any scenario as an incentive! I’ve included the directions below on how to make your own ticket jar and at the bottom of the post I’ve listed some ideas of how to use it!

Jar Kid's Behavior Management Incentive Idea

Materials Needed:

Mason jar, or any jar you have on hand (lid optional)
White paint
Sharpie marker
Paint brushes
Roll of tickets

Jar Kid's Behavior Management Incentive Idea

Incentive Jar Directions:

Paint the bottom of your jar white on the outside except for the bottom area and the threads (where the top twists on). I had to do 3 coats to sufficiently cover my jar. You may want more depending on how thickly coated you want the paint on your jar. Let it dry overnight so it thoroughly sets.

DIY Ticket Jar Kid's Behavior Management Incentive Idea

Using your Sharpie marker, write “ticket jar”. Then evenly space 4 black dots and connect them. The two outer black dots were done last. You can either collect tickets IN the jar as an incentive OR you can pre-write prizes and ideas on the tickets and allow kids to blindly choose a ticket from the jar when it is earned.

Ticket Jar Incentive Ideas


*Completing homework on time
*Potty Training
*Good Behavior in school
*Completed Chores


*Good Behavior
*Completed Assignments
*Good test grades
*Reading books

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