“I Am Abraham Lincoln” Unit Study – DAY 1 President Costume, Snack

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The minute I saw the “I Am Abraham Lincoln” book by Brad Meltzer in Barnes & Nobles I knew that -#1 I had to buy it and- #2 it had to become a unit study. I totally judge books by their covers, especially children’s books, and this one had me at first sight.

Abraham Lincoln themed crafts, book and recipes

  The cover for I am Abraham Lincoln  was just a peek at the treasure trove of adorable artwork inside.  I love the fact that while it is a historical book. It is definitely written to entertain and engage younger children. So, I have put together 5 days of art projects, activities, and snacks. I hope you enjoy this mini unit study and book as much as we did.

I Am Abraham Lincoln children's book with toys

I Am Abraham Lincoln Craft Supply List

I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Metzer
18×24 black construction paper
Paper plates
Cheese sticks
1 sheet of black felt
black paint
Abraham Lincoln Size Sort Printable (see below)

“All Men Are Created Equal” 

Abraham Lincoln Book Literary Guide 

Day 1 – Activities

Read the book. I truly believe that the beginning of all literacy skills begin on a parent’s lap. Answer questions as they come up, and to make it really fun and enjoyable for them-change your voice for each character, kids love that!

printable Abraham Lincoln paper figures

Abraham Lincoln Size Sort– Print this page (Abe Lincoln Resort Size PDF) (card stock is best if you want to be able to reuse them) and have your child sort from largest to smallest or smallest to largest.  If this is too simple for your older children- provide them with a ruler,  have them measure each one, and record the results- great practice for handwriting skills.

Where is Abraham Lincoln– I used one of the Abraham Lincoln printables to get the kids moving in this next activity- I hid him in somewhat plain sight, poking out from behind a picture in the living room, sticking out from under the T.V., peeking out of our book, etc.  Giving directions “Warmer” or “Colder as they raced around the house looking for him.

Day 1- Art (Beard and Hat Costume)

white paper plate with circle cut in middle

Take a paper plate,  cut the flat center out to begin, place it on your  childs head to estimate size, if its too small trim a bit more off.

black felt strip for Abraham Lincoln craft

 Cut a rough beard with sideburns shape from your felt. Cut a hole at the top of each side burn, run string through both sides and tie off.

black paint on white paper plate craft

Allow your child to paint both side of paper plate circle and allow it to dry completely.  To flatten, once its dry you can put it under a heavy book. Roll a sheet of black construction paper inside the hole of the paper plate, tape it up the back, flip it over and tape all around to secure the two pieces together. I was planning on trimming the hat down but my little guy thought it was a much better hat with some  more height to it so we left it.

First tie the beard on, positioning string on the top of the head. Place the hat on their head, covering the tie. We made this at the beginning of the week, and I am glad because it made a great prop/dramatic play item the entire week.

little boys dressed in paper diy Abraham Lincoln costume

Day 1 – “I Am Abraham Lincoln” Snack

Abraham Lincoln string cheese ingredients

After we finished our activities I surprised the kids with a simple snack that fit perfectly with our theme- Abraham Lincoln cheese stick.  I simply took scraps of black and white construction paper and cut out a basic beard, top hat, bow tie, jacket and shirt. I used a sharpie to finish off the details like eyes.

Abraham Lincoln string cheese snack

  They were pretty tickled by their transformed cheese snack, a few minutes of play came before the eating but I didn’t mind, especially since they were quoting the book, and portraying a great historical figure.

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