A Day FULL of Tractor Rides + Farm Activities for Kids

We have been exploring so many new things in Iowa the past few weeks, and this morning we had the opportunity to hop in a wagon and join about 20 or so tractors for a ride into town!

AND not only that but we had the chance to hop (it was more like climbing!) into a combine to harvest a field of corn! How cool is that?! I learned a LOT of farming while we were out there and my boys just LOVED the big machinery!

The combine is one extremely powerful machine! I was just absolutely amazed at what it does – but that’s an entirely different learning lesson!

Once the combine sucked up the corn it spit it out into the grain bin! That is a LOT of corn!! It seems that now that we live in Iowa my kids will have LOTS of farming experience and learning! Here are some fun farming activities I found that you can do with your kids or students!

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Plant a Garden (I LOVE the Root Vue)

Create a Pig Piggy Bank

Raise Baby Chicks

Make a Sheep

Tractor Activities for Kids


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