Visiting Colorado – Garden of the Gods – the Beaten Path

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If you’re never been to Garden of the Gods in Colorado put it on your travel list – it’s a gorgeous place to go! Not only is it amazing but it’s FREE! I’m fortunate enough that my sister lives just a few minutes away near Colorado Springs so any time that I visit her we get the chance to stop at Garden of the Gods. Basically it’s just a lot of rocks, but beautiful rocks! And there are plenty of trails around the rocks to hike through. It’s a stunning place for photos, and occasionally you can see a rock climber there!

We decided to take pictures of all of our kids there with their cousins so we hiked around for a while. If you google “Garden of the Gods” you’ll get OODLES of photos of huge rock formations, so I thought I would show you a few things you might not typically see in photos from Garden of the Gods.

But first you can see that these rocks are pretty much mountains behind such small kids!

There are a lot of trails in the park (did I mention it was free?!) – both paved and dirt. We even saw several groups riding on horseback. One path that we decided to take was actually a dried out creek bed. It was a bit rocky to walk through but really rewarding as it was just a different point of view and the kids could actually see the roots growing through the various layers of rocks.

As you can see in this photo there are different colored rocks, although most of them are red.

Along the trails you’ll also find several types of small bridges that are fun for kids and fun for photos!

Most of the rocks you are not supposed to climb on but there are a few that your kids can go crazy on!

This is one of our favorite photo spots that my sister found. It’s an old concrete tunnel sitting inside a dried up creek bed. And it definitely provided some shade for us on a sunny day so we stopped inside here for snacks and drinks!

Have you been to Garden of the Gods? It’s a great place to visit, and a great place for family pictures!

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