What is Zubie and Why we Want it

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There are many areas in life where we have to balance our budget and try to be smart about what we splurge on. But then there are other areas that we have absolutely no control over – like your car breaking down. Trust me, we’ve had our share of car problems just like every other family. So when I heard about Zubie I was definitely intridged. And when I heard you can Order today and use code SAVE20DEC and SAVE 20% on your Zubie key plus one year of service! That made me even more curious because I’m always up for a good deal! (Offer good through January 31, 2013. Shipping charges apply.)

Zubie is a little device that helps you to monitor your car and diagnose repair issues. And it does SO much more than that. It actually provides real-time alerts when your family arrives at work, home, or school which is pretty awesome when trying to keep an eye on your young drivers! It’s a small “key” that just plugs into the port in your car and is about the size of a matchbox.

When we lived in Florida we were friends with a mechanic who helped us figure out our car issues before we paid the big bucks to get it fixed, but now that we live in Iowa our access to a friendly car mechanic is not so easy to find. My husband is really on top of any car issues that arrive but he is still limited and we think Zubie will really help. My husband can’t wait to try it! Zubie can help us to see when our car battery is low BEFORE the car dies. (yep, we had that problem last year!) It will alert you to problem codes triggered by your car as well as tell you exactly WHY the “Check Engine” light is on and even give you an estimate of how much it will cost you to fix your vehicle! It really sounds like a HUGE life saver. Your car doesn’t always require immediate fixing when the Check Engine light comes on and unless you have a special machine for your vechicle that reads code it’s impossible to figure out what triggers the alert.

I can’t tell you how wonderful this would be for me when I’m travelling alone, for my girlfriends who are either single or do not have mechanically inclined husband’s, and really for anyone. I would much rather know my car battery was getting low than end up being stranded somewhere because my battery died – and not know why my car died until I took my battery in to get checked. We have been stuck SO many times due to dead car batteries. It’s certainly a reasonable price for what it does.

SO stay tuned! I will be getting the chance to test out Zubie and see how much it will help our family out! I’m not sure who is more excited – me or my husband! In the meantime Follow @GoZubie on Twitter and Like Zubie on Facebook to learn more!

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