Capri Sun Pouch Tutorials and Patterns

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Capri Sun Pouch Tutorials and Patterns

 Oh goodness I love all you crafty people! Especially those of you who can sew! I can get away with hot glueing some things but you definitely couldn’t do that to these awesome tutorials! These juice pouch tutorials of course require a little bit of sewing know how (except for the last link which is a NO SEW Capri Sun pouch tutorial video!) but would be great to recycle all of those Capri Sun pouches from your kids and students! OR if you have a friend who can sew save up some pouches for them to create some goodies for you! These would make awesome classroom rewards as well with a great lesson on recycling. You could even get a club together and sell them and donate the profits to a local school! Here’s a list of links with some great Capri Sun pouch tutorials and patterns for making your own Capri Sun Pouch bags and stuff! These are awesome!

Capri Sun Pouch Tutorials:

Capri Sun Bag and Lunch Sack

Capri Sun Pouch Wallet

Wallet with Flap

Juice Pouch Headband Tutorial

Capri Sun Pouch Belt

Capri Sun Lunch Bag

Capri Sun Pouch Party Bag

Capri Sun Pouch Tote Bag

Capri Sun Pouch Tote Bag

Another Tote Bag Tutorial

Capri Sun Pouch Pencil Case

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