Make Your Own Truffula Trees Tutorial from Dr. Seuss The Lorax

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You can buy large quantities of tissue paper on Amazon which is ideal for making an entire forest of truffula trees!
What says Dr. Seuss more than Truffula Trees?? These truffula trees are SO simple to make that anyone can do it! I promise! You can even get the kids involved to help you out! Then you can re-use the “tufts” for Mother’s Day!

To make your own truffula trees you’ll need:
colored tissue paper (8 sheets per tree)
construction paper (or bulletin board paper) (black and yellow)
pipe cleaners or wire
materials needed for truffula trees
For each truffula tree you want you will need 8 sheets of the same colored tissue paper. Lay your 8 sheets of colored tissue paper down flat on a table like shown below all in one stack. 
tissue paper truffula tree
Next you’ll need to fold your tissue paper accordion style in 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch segments. To start fold the tissue paper down about an inch or so then fold it back the other way just like you would do to make a paper fan. Continue doing this until your entire group of tissue paper is folded. 
fold for truffula tree
Once you have completely folded your tissue paper accordion style you’ll need to take one piece of wire (I actually used pipe cleaners since that is all I had) and tie it tightly in the middle of your folded tissue paper stack. Then trim both ends of the folded tissue paper to make the ends slightly rounded as shown below.
DIY truffula tree lorax
Now it starts to get to the fun part!
Next fan out your tissue paper like I’ve shown above.
fan out tissue paper
Once you’ve stretched your tissue paper out to mimic a fan you’ll need to take one layer of tissue paper and pull it up to completely separate it from the stack. Do the next layer, and the next and the next. Repeat on the opposite side. You will have pulled up a total of 4 sheets of tissue paper on each side of the fan. Now flip it over and do the same exact thing for the other side!
paper tissue flower tutorial
paper tissue flower tutorial
Above you can see that I have completed one side of “fluffing” or separating the tissue paper layers, and I am getting ready to work on the top 4 layers.
paper tissue flower tutorial
When you are done pulling the tissue paper apart in separate layers it will look like a beautiful flower! There is no special method to separating the layers and pulling them up – when you’re done it will all look pretty much like the one I did above! Be careful not to tear the tissue paper, however, as it is delicate.
Next we will make the truffala tree trunk. I used yellow and black  construction paper cute into small squares. They don’t have to be perfect. In fact mine were all a little crooked and I liked it better that way – it looked more “Seuss-like”! I also saw the truffula trunk made by twisting yellow and black bulletin board paper together (you can see this on Mrs. Shininger’s blog which inspired me to make our own truffula trees.). I did not have access to bulletin board paper and the construction paper is just as simple to use!
Simple lay the squares of construction paper in a line alternating colors, then tape them together on the back. You can get creative in making the trunks “crooked” or “curved” – whichever suits your design area the best. 


These are a LOT of fun for your home, daycare center, preschool, or school! They don’t take very long to make – about 10 minutes per truffula tree. Feel free to send us e-mails with your truffula tree photos so we can see or post them on our Facebook page here!!


  1. About The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean says

    AHHH I LOVE THEM!! When I have children I am decorating the nursery in Dr Suess theme, I love crepe paper pom poms! I made them for my wedding, I would never have thought to make these gorgeous cute trees!

    Thankyou for the idea! :)

  2. luvtoteach says

    Thank you for the idea! I teach kindergarten and we have a Dr. Suess week! I was going to read the book the lorax to them but wanted a project to go along with the story! These will be amazing! I was wondering though if you need the full tissue paper to make them or if you could cut it in half and have 8 half sheets of tissue paper? Thanks for the idea!

  3. Emily says

    yes.. what does say more than buying large quantities of tissue PAPER on amazon to decorate with when the lorax was try to teach you the value of trees and nature.

    • says

      Ah yes, the extreme impracticality of never using a single tree. No paper currency, no textbooks, no wrapping paper, no newspaper…. The Lorax does teach you the value of trees and nature but it does not mean the world needs to go paperless either. It’s about responsibility and teaching an entire classroom and school full of children is a great responsibility.


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