Space Alien Paper Plate Craft to Celebrate Disney’s Toy Story Land

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Whether your kids would go crazy over this alien paper plate craft or you are having a Disney Toy Story party – these green friends will be enough to make your kids say “Oooooooohhhhh”!

disney toy story alien paper plate craft

It’s an incredibly simple craft for kids of all ages! Just follow the simple tutorial below to make your own space alien craft! (If you’re a crypto loving family then you’ll enjoy our Bigfoot Droppings Recipe and our Bigfoot & Yeti No Sew Puppets!)

Alien Paper Plate Supplies:

craft supplies for alien paper plate craft

Alien Paper Plate Directions:

craft supplies for alien paper plate craft

  1. Take your green paper plate and cut it in half with your scissors. You will instantly have an Alien shaped head.
  2. Once you have two paper plate Alien heads, grab that glue stick and glue three eyes onto each Alien.
  3. Now take another green paper plate and draw/cut out an Alien antenna.
  4. When you have two Alien antennas, take your glue stick and glue an antenna onto each Alien.

making the Space Alien Paper Plate

5. While your eyes and antennas are drying, take your black sparkle foam paper and cut out four Alien ears.

paper plate alien kids craft

6. Glue those ears onto your Aliens.

green space aliens paper plate kids craft

Now for the fun part!

7. Take your black marker and draw a mouth on each Alien. I suggest practicing on a blank piece of paper to perfect your technique before drawing on your plate.


Check out this EASY fun alien craft below:DIY Alien Space craft for kids

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