30+ FREE Crochet & Knitting Patterns for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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If you’re a fiber arts lover like me then creating homemade gifts is a creative outlet for you and can save you money on gifts! Below are 30+ FREE crochet and knitting patterns to inspire your next teacher gift idea! 

Handmade teacher gift ideas are endless really! I personally like to make functional gifts – things like scarves that can be worn, coasters than can be used on their desk, etc. But don’t forget gifts that can be used in the classroom like weighted reading buddies, etc. These can all be thrown in the wash to be sanitized!

If I’m making gifts for a lot of teachers or if I’m unsure that a teacher will want something handmade I stick with small things like ornaments, bookmarks, dish clothes, etc. that can be added in with another gift!

FREE Teacher Gift Crochet & Knit Patterns

The ideas below do not include teacher gifts like scarves and winter hats since you can find a CRAZY amount of free patterns for winter and Christmas gifts on Pinterest and in fiber arts Facebook groups. Below are free crochet and knitting patterns that can be gifted year round no matter what the season!

FREE Teacher Gift CROCHET Patterns:

Below are tons of free crochet patterns for teacher gifts! Since I crochet I come across free crochet patterns FAR more on all of my social media platforms!  I haven’t made all of these projects below but I do follow many crochet bloggers that have tons of great patterns.

  1. Pencil Mug Cozy

  2. Pencil Tissue Box Cover

  3. Apple Coasters / Pouch

  4. 3D Apples

  5. Apple Hanging Wreath

  6. Apple Potholders

  7. Pencil Shaped Pencil Pouch

  8. Notebook Paper Book Cover

  9. Happy Sunflowers

  10. Giant Tote Bag  

  11. Apple Paper Clip

  12. Chapstick Keychain Holder

  13. Crayon Water Bottle Cozy

  14. Music Note Pillow Cover

  15. Hand Sanitizer Cozy

  16. Cartoon Apple Keychain

  17. Apple Market Bag (C2C)

  18. Pete the Cat character

  19. Cat in the Hat headband

  20. Pencil Wall Hanging

  21. Apple Trinket Bowl / Gift Basket

  22. Pencil Bookmark

  23. Pencil Pillow

  24. Market Bags

  25. Owl Reading Buddy  

  26. Pencil Mason Jar Cozy 

Back to School Pencil Crochet Pattern Plush Toy Reading Buddy

FREE Teacher Gift KNITTING Patterns:

As mentioned I’m personally a crocheter so I don’t have as many knitting patterns here. If you know of a good one I should add below let me know!

  1. DNA Model

  2. Molecule

  3. Atomic Blocks Periodic Table

  4. Pencil Bookmark

  5. 3D Apple

  6. Apple Dishcloth

  7. Classroom Globe

  8. Earbud Holder Pouch

  9. Stress Ball Buddy

  10. Gift Card Sweater   

Educational Patterns as Classroom Gifts (PAID):

These patterns below aren’t free but they are AMAZING and worth every single penny! These would make fantastic additions to your favorite teacher’s classroom!! You can find SO many more cool educational patterns like animals, anatomical models, sensory cubes and more on Etsy!



Do you have a FREE crochet or knitting pattern resource that would make the perfect teacher gift? Please let us know and we’ll add it to this list!

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